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Security guard gives evidence at Mubenga inquest

Jimmy Mubenga with his wife Adrienne. Credit: Mubenga family.

A G4S security guard told an inquest jury how he had restrained an Angolan deportee, who later died, on a plane at Heathrow airport. Stuart Tribelnig said he had grabbed Jimmy Mubenga in a bearhug after the Angolan had ripped his shirt and knocked him backwards.

Mr Tribelnig and two colleagues managed to handcuff Mr Mubenga. But after he was handcuffed, the deportee became unresponsive. Mr Tribelnig said he could not remember Mr Mubenga saying he could not breathe.

It was then realised that he was ill but he later died in hospital.


Mubenga died after "struggle"

The inquest jury has heard that Jimmy Mubenga died after a struggle on board the plane.

Karon Monaghan QC, Assistant Deputy Coroner for Hammersmith and Fulham, said that three Detention Custody Officers - Terence Hughes, Stuart Tribelnig and Colin Kaler - restrained him after he went to the toilet.

She said: "A struggle ensued between Mr Mubenga and the three DCOs (Detention Custody Officers). Mr Mubenga was then restrained, handcuffed and placed in a seat."

She went on: "At some point it appears that he fell silent and unresponsive, and it became clear that something was wrong."

She said that Mr Mubenga was being deported back to Angola after serving a two-year prison sentence for assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The inquest at Isleworth Crown Court is expected to last eight weeks.

Inquest to look into death of deportee

Jimmy Mubenga with his wife Adrienne. Credit: Mubenga family

An inquest is starting today at Isleworth Crown Court to examine why a 46 year-old man died while he was being deported on an aircraft at Heathrow Airport. Jimmy Mubenga was being sent back to Angola but he died after being restrained by guards from the private firm G4S.

He was a father with five children. His wife Adrienne is amongst the people giving evidence today.