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Prison escape murderer is arrested

A convicted murderer who was on the run for 48 hours has been arrested.

John Massey, 64, used a makeshift rope, thought to be made from bed sheets, to escape over a wall from Pentonville prison in north London on Wednesday evening.

Scotland Yard said he was arrested at about 5.15pm yesterday in Faversham, Kent.

Massey was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting a man dead with a sawn-off shotgun at a pub in Hackney, east London, in 1975.


Prisoner used 'makeshift rope' to escape

Pentonville Prison, north London Credit: PA

A "potentially dangerous" murderer has gone on the run for the third time after escaping over the walls of Pentonville Prison using a makeshift rope.

John Massey, one of Britain's longest-serving prisoners, made off from the category B jail in Islington, north London, at around 6.30pm yesterday.

The 64-year-old used a makeshift rope to escape over a wall and was not spotted in time by prison officers, sources said.


Prisoner on the run

64-year-old John Massey Credit: Met Police

Police have launched a man hunt for a convicted murderer who has escaped from jail.

64-year-old John Massey escaped from Pentonville Prison in Islington, North London at around 6:30pm yesterday evening.

Massey was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a man at a pub in east London in 1975.

Scotland Yard said he is considered "potentially dangerous" and should not be approached.

Massey escaped from Pentonville at around 6.30 yesterday evening. Credit: PA