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Shadow home secretary welcomes Qatada deportation

Labour's shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper. Credit: PA Wire

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's shadow home secretary, welcomed the news that Abu Qatada had been deported to Jordan.

She said: "This is extremely welcome - it means Abu Qatada can stand fair trial in Jordan for the serious terrorism charges he faces there, so justice can be done.

"There have been continual delays in the legal process both in this country and in Europe that have been deeply frustrating for all Governments. We must ensure that delays like this do not last for so long in future and that the system is reformed to make it faster.

"The Government has done the right thing by continuing to pursue this until Abu Qatada could finally be deported. The Home Secretary has been right to get further guarantees from Jordan and we should welcome the series of agreements from the Jordanian Government too."

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MPs congratulate Home Sec on Qatada deportation


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PM 'absolutely delighted' Qatada deported

The Prime Minister said he was "absolutely delighted" that Abu Qatada had been deported to Jordan.

He said: "This is something this government said it would get done and we have got it done and it's an issue, like the rest of the country, that has made my blood boil.

"That this man who has no right to be in our country, who is a threat to our country, and then it was so long and so difficult to deport him. We've done it. He's back in Jordan and that's excellent news."

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Deporting Abu Qatada 'priority' for government

The Prime Minister has said that deporting radical cleric Abu Qatada was a "priority" for the government.

His plane left RAF Northolt at 02:45 BST to take him to his home country of Jordan, which he has not visited in 20 years.


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Theresa May: Qatada deportation 'concludes efforts'

Abu Qatada has left Britain after a near decade-long battle to get him out of the country.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: "Abu Qatada was deported today to his home country of Jordan to face terrorism charges.

"His departure marks the conclusion of efforts to remove him since 2001 and I believe this will be welcomed by the British public."

Home Secretary Theresa May. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire
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Key moments in Abu Qatada's deportation battle

Abu Qatada has been described as al Qaeda's spiritual leader in Europe, the most significant extremist preacher in the UK and "a truly dangerous individual".

Since the September 11 attacks, Qatada has challenged and thwarted every attempt by the UK Government to detain and deport him.

Here is a timeline of key events in his long-running battle against deportation.

  • 1993 - September 16 - The Jordanian father of five, real name Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman, claims asylum when he arrives in Britain on a forged passport.
  • 1994 - June - He is allowed to stay in Britain.
  • 1999 - April - He is convicted on terror charges and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 2001 - December - Qatada becomes one of Britain's most wanted men after going on the run from his home in west London.
  • 2002 - October - He is arrested by police and detained in Belmarsh high-security jail.
  • 2005 - March - Qatada is freed on conditional bail and placed on a control order.
  • 2008 - April - Court of Appeal rules that deporting Qatada would breach his human rights.
  • 2009 - February 18 - Qatada can be deported to Jordan to face a retrial on the terror charges.
  • 2013 - June 18 - It is confirmed the King of Jordan has approved the mutual assistance treaty with the UK.
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