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Transcript of Bieber's scuffle with photographer

Here is a transcript of the scuffle between Justin Bieber and photographers outside the star's London hotel:

Bodyguard: Watch out, give us some space guys.

Photographer: OK, OK.

[Bieber pushes photographer]

Photographer: Easy! Easy! That's assault. That's assault.

Bodyguard: Yeah, but you're in our way. Relax.

Photographer: No, I moved out the way. F-----g little c---. That's assault. F--k back off to America. F-----g little moron.

Bieber: What the f--k did you say? What did you say? I'm gonna f-----g beat the f--k out of you.

Photographer: You heard what I said. Lose your f-----g bouncers.


Bieber: I 'let the paps get the best of me'

The singer Justim Bieber has tweeted about his altercation with a photographer as he left a hotel in central London:


Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me...


Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u...well I'm human. Rough week


Not gonna let them get the best of me again. Gonna get focused on this show tonight. Adrenaline is high now. Gonna put it on the stage


Justin Bieber filmed clashing with press outside hotel

Justin Bieber has "clashed" with a cameraman outside his London hotel, Channel 5 news reports.

In the footage, Bieber is seen pushing a member of the press out of the way as he climbs into a waiting car.

He then gets out of car and pushes the cameraman again, shouting a stream of expletives.


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Justin Bieber clashes with a cameraman outside his hotel

Watch the video in full on the Channel 5 News at 5pm.

Bieber getting better after 02 'collapse'

Pop star Justin Bieber was treated by doctors after suffering breathing problems during his concert at London's O2 Arena last night.

The 19-year-old was performing the third out of four nights at the venue.

The Canadian took a 20-minute rest before returning to the stage to finish the show.

He has since sent this message to his 35 million Twitter followers:


getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love

Earlier this week he was criticised for keeping fans waiting after coming on stage late for Monday's performance.



Fans 'proud' of Bieber for continuing with concert


@justinbieber LOVE YOU it was amaing even though you went off! You didn't have to apologise!!! We love you!


@justinbieber u were amazing,I'm so proud of u for coming back on. I couldn't ask for a better idol, thank you. I love you, get better soon.


@justinbieber I really hope you're okay! It was so sweet of you to finish the concert for the fans. Love you.

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