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Absconder wanted by police

Adam James Yaroo. Credit: Met Police

Detectives are trying to trace a man who is wanted in connection with two burglaries in Bromley as well as burglary offences in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Derbyshire.

Adam James Yaroo, 28 absconded from Sudbury prison in Derbyshire on 23 June. He is described as a white male, 5 foot 9 inches tall, with a stocky build, short black hair and brown eyes.

Yaroo is known to have connections in the London and Kent area.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Seal numbers increasing in the Thames

Credit: ZSL

The number of seals in the Greater Thames Estuary has increased from 685 to 938 individuals since last year, according to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Conservationists and volunteers took to the skies, boarded boats, and tip-toed across marshland for the second year of the annual seal survey.

The Greater Thames Estuary is home to harbour seals and grey seals. Despite their close proximity to the capital, these populations are some of the least understood in the UK. But having witnessed declines of up to 90 per cent in some Scottish harbour seal populations, conservationists are now keen to keep a close eye on the smaller of the two species in the Greater Thames Estuary.

"With harbour seal numbers remaining stable and grey seal numbers more than doubling since last year, the result of this year's survey is a good indicator of the health of the Greater Thames Estuary.Grey seal numbers are increasing along the East coast, so it's not surprising that more are moving into the estuary. However, it is important that we use the same methodology to complete the survey every year in order to identify these changes, and investigate how this affects the harbour seal population."

– Joanna Barker, ZSL conservationist

Rewards for recycling your rubbish

You could get shopping vouchers for recycling your rubbish Credit: PA

Tens of thousands of households will be given shopping vouchers if they recycle more under a £5 million fund to promote weekly bin collections.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles says that people should be rewarded for recycling more instead of being punished with "draconian" fines.

He highlighted a successful pilot scheme in Windsor where the council weighs each household's recycling and rewards them with vouchers for national and local retailers worth up to £135 a year.

It is a myth that fortnightly bin collections or unfair bin fines are needed to increase recycling. Rewards for recycling show how working with families can deliver environmental benefits without the draconian approach of punishing people and leaving out smelly rubbish. This Government is protecting the local environment by supporting recycling, as well as championing weekly collections which protect local amenity and public health. Councils with fortnightly collections will not receive government funding and are short-changing their residents with an inferior service.

– Eric Pickles MP, Communities and Local Government Secretary


75% of average rainfall for August bank holiday

Security guards at the Notting Hill Carnival shelter from the rain Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The Met Office says the weekend was one of the coldest late August bank holidays on record in the Greater London area.

While the Notting Hill Carnival was a washout, the Met Office says the wettest place over the bank holiday weekend was St James Park. 37.6mm of rain fell in 24 hours from 9am on Monday morning. That's 75% of the average August rainfall for that area.

Forecaster Billy Payne said: "We do get these very wet days in summer sometimes, but it's not too often we see widespread heavy rain like that over a whole day."

In London, the lowest temperature was recorded at Kew Gardens: 5.6 degrees on Sunday morning Credit: Paul Seheult/PA

In the ITV London region, the coldest place over the bank holiday was Wisley near Woking with a chilling 4.4 degrees in the early hours of Sunday morning.

In London, the lowest temperature was recorded at Kew Gardens: 5.6 degrees on Sunday morning.

Better weather is on its way - check out our forecast for the details.

RSPCA investigate shocking dog 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

The RSCPA has launched an investigation after a video of a teenager - who is believed to live in London - has appeared online. The boy is seen thrusting his dog into a bucket of water in an apparent 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

Some viewers may find this video distressing.

“The aim of the ice bucket challenge is to raise money and awareness for charity - this ‘stunt’ goes against everything it stands for.

Any responsible pet owner would be shocked by this.

It is likely that the puppy in the footage could have been caused distress, if not harm, and we are very concerned that others would think this is appropriate.

Causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is an offence under law and we would strongly urge people not to copy this video.”

– RSPCA spokesperson

The boy reportedly defended himself on Facebook saying, “I’m sorry my dog slipped out my hand.”

London man dies after crash on M26

A man in his 30's has been killed after his car came off the road and slammed into a bank on Saturday afternoon. The man died at the scene, following the crash on the London-bound M26 at Kemsing, Kent. He was the only person in the car and no other vehicles are believed to have been involved.

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