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Orchid display opens

Abrand new exhibition of Orchids opens in Kew Gardens today for those wanting toescape the wintry weather for a taste of the tropics.

The Princess of Wales Conservatory in the south-west London gardens has been transformed into a sea of glorious flowers in order to celebrate of the colour, drama and beauty associated with this extraordinary and diverse group of plants.

Vibrant orchids will dominate the lush, wet tropical zone of the conservatory. Stunning displays of swirling colour will adorn the glasshouse pillars and arches. Hanging baskets will explode with a range of colours, creating waves of magnificent hues.


Woman killed by falling branch in Kew Gardens named

The woman who died when tree branches crashed down on her head as she walked through Kew Gardens has been named as Erena Louise Wilson, a 31-year-old accounts manager from New Zealand. She died instantly an inquest has heard.

She was unable to get out of the way when part of the Lebanese cedar snapped off and fell on her, as rain and gusts of up to 30mph swept the capital.

West London Coroner's Court heard she had been walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, west London, with two friends when tragedy struck.

Her friends stated they were walking along the path and heard a loud crack, I believe they thought it was thunder.

They looked up and saw the tree branch descending. They ran and when they looked round, the lady was on the floor in an uncomfortable position to say the least, with lots of branches around her.

As far as we know, she would have died instantly from traumatic head injuries.

– Inspector Simon Young told the inquest


Picture: Kew's floral Olympic rings

The Olympic rings are recreated at Kew Gardens. Credit: LOCOG

Gardeners at Kew have planted 20,000 flowers in the shape of the Olympic rings to mark 100 days to go until the London Games.

They spent five days planting the arrangement, which includes blue, yellow, black and red violas and green apple mint.

Each of the rings is 15.5m in circumference and will be visible from the Heathrow flight path.

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