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Kickz Awards: How we reported it

The Kickz scheme was launched seven years ago, by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Watch the video to see how Chris Paxton reported it back in 2006.

Kickz in London

  • To date, 67,928 unique young people have been engaged across the country, of which 34,247 (50.4%) were from London based clubs.

  • Nationally, each young person has engaged for an average of 76 contact hours to date – London’s average is slightly higher at over 81 hours

  • In 2012 11,599 young people attended Kickz projects in London during the 12 month, each for an average of 34 hours.


Stamford Bridge plays host to community awards

Ground staff attend to the pitch at Stamford Bridge football stadium, London. Credit: PA

The Kickz Awards, with the aim of using football to bring communities together and engage with young people, is taking place at Stamford Bridge today.

Kickz began as a pilot project in London between the Premier League and the Metropolitan Police in 2006.

The vision was to "build safer, stronger, more respectful communities through the development of young peoples' potential", getting to youngsters who had previously proven difficult to reach and guiding them towards a range of healthy and constructive activities.

The growth of Kickz has been phenomenal and today 42 Premier League and Football League clubs run a combined 112 projects across England, with 45,000 kids engaged in their local community in just one year and 85,000 personal outcomes achieved overall, including 5,500 educational qualifications.