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Knightsbridge balcony collapse victims named

Police and ambulance crews attend the scene at Cadagon Square, west London Credit: ITV News

Two men who died after they fell from a balcony at Cadogan Square in west London have been named by police.

22 year-old Tomasz Procko and 29 year-old Karol Szymansk had been delivering sofas to the Knightsbridge property on Friday morning when the balcony collapsed.

Mr Procko from Greenford, west London, died at the scene while Mr Szymanski from Wembley, north-west London, died later in hospital.

Both men were originally from Poland. Their next of kin had been informed.

Eight other people were treated for injuries, the London Ambulance Service said.

Cordon at the Cadogon Square after the incident Credit: ITV News

Investigations continue after balcony collapse

Credit: ITV News, Ronke Phillips

Investigations are continuing after two men died when a balcony collapsed in Knightsbridge yesterday.

The two men were part of a team of removers working at the property. Eye witnesses told ITV News the men had been trying to pull a sofa up to the balcony using ropes when the incident happened. Six other people were injured and onlookers were treated for shock.


Eyewitness says workman 'impaled on railings'

An eyewitnesses has described how one of the workmen killed after a balcony collapsed in Knightsbridge was 'impaled' on the railings below when he fell.

The witness, who lives nearby and wanted to remain anonymous, saw the aftermath of the accident in Cadogan Square.

I didn't see the accident happen, but I saw a bit of the aftermath.There was a lot of screaming and shouting.

One man was impaled on the railings. He looked in a very bad way, I think he was one of the men who died.

I think the people who received other injuries were all removal men too, or at least most of them were. They were stood on the pavement when the balcony gave way.


Onlookers treated for shock after balcony collapse

London Fire Brigade have released a report on the collapsed balcony in Cadogan Square in Knightsbridge that killed two workmen.

They say that as well as treating the two men who died and six who were injured, the accident was so serious that they had to treat a number of witnesses who had gone into shock.

When we arrived we made the scene safe, securing parts of the iron balcony that had broken away in the fall.

Crews assisted London Ambulance Service to provide first aid to those injured in the fall as well as to a number of onlookers who were suffering from shock.

– Station Manager Richard Scrivener, London Fire Brigade

Men died 'trying to pull sofa up to balcony with ropes'

Eyewitnesses have told ITV London that two removal men who died when a balcony collapsed in Cadogan Square were trying to pull a sofa up from the street with ropes.

Two ropes can be seen hanging down from the balcony where the railings gave way Credit: ITV News, Ronke Phillips

Bystanders said three of the workmen had fashioned a pulley with ropes to try and bring the sofa up and through the patio doors that opened on to the balcony. Two of the men were leaning against the balcony when the railings gave way.

A health and safety investigation has now been launched and police are trying to contact the relatives of the two workmen who died.

Balcony collapse: pictures of the scene

ITV News correspondent Ronke Phillips is in Cadogan Square where a balcony has collapsed killing two people and injuring six others.

Police officers remain at the scene where a balcony collapsed Credit: ITV News, Ronke Phillips
Police and three ambulance crews attended along with a London Air Ambulance Credit: ITV News, Ronke Phillips
A police cordon is still in place where the building collapsed and the road is closed off to traffic Credit: ITV News, Ronke Phillips
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