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Pair remanded in custody after Rome stabbing

Two Italian men charged over an attack on English football supporters in Rome have been remanded in custody. At least 11 Spurs fans were injured in the attack Thursday morning as up to 50 hooligans stormed the Drunken Ship pub armed with knuckle dusters, baseball bats, knives and broken bottles.

Drunken Ship pub Credit: Press Association

Two in court over attack on fans

Two Italians charged with attempted murder after an attack on English football fans in Rome will appear in court today. Their appearance was originally due to take place yesterday, but was put back 24 hours.

At least 11 Spurs fans were injured in the attack Thursday morning when up to 50 people stormed the Drunken Ship pub armed with knuckle dusters, baseball bats, knives and broken bottles. 25 year old Essex builder Ashley Mills was most seriously injured sustaining stab wounds to his leg and head.

Drunken Ship Pub Credit: Press Association


Italian Football Association send letter of apology

The president of the Italian Football Association, the FIGC, has sent a letter of apology to the FA chairman David Bernstein following the attack on Spurs fans in Rome. Giancarlo Abete condemned the people who launched the attack and apologised to the supporters.

"I beg you to send our apologies to all Tottenham's fans - and in particular to those families directly involved. I will personally follow the investigation's development and remain at your disposal should my assistance in any further matters be required."

– Giancarlo Abete, FIGC President

Pub co-owner: 'There was a lot of blood inside on the floor'

The attack on Tottenham supporters happened at Rome's Drunken Ship pub.

Bar co-owner Gabriele Cianella said the attackers had thrown pieces of iron at the windows and were wearing knuckle dusters.

I think this is the first time that something so bad has happened. We have had other incidents like this but this is the worst.

If you throw stones and knuckle dusters I think you want to hurt someone. There was a lot of blood inside on the floor.

Now we also have some blood on the windows. They came here to hurt someone.

– Gabriele Cianella

'Lazio have always urged their fans to show sporting spirit'

Lazio have always urged their fans to show sporting spirit and fair play towards opponents and their supporters, limiting their comments to healthy sporting antagonism. The proof was in the behaviour of the fans at the stadium during last week’s Rome derby.

Incidents like what happened last night have nothing to do with football and instead represent pure delinquency, against which the police and magistrates must intervene with every instrument at their disposal.

Lazio hope those responsible will be identified as soon as possible, therefore taking away the unfair associations and suspicions on their fans.

Lazio release statement about incident in Rome

S.S. Lazio, with relation to the acts of hooliganism that occurred last night in the Campo dei Fiori area that by some news sources was attributed to the Biancazzurri ultras, would like to point out the following:

The aggressors arrived at the bar wearing full motorbike helmets and masks that hid their identity, so there is absolutely no foundation for attributing them to Lazio fan groups.

Lazio fans have shown recently that they have totally abandoned manifestations of cowardly and gratuitous physical violence such as the events of last night.


Spurs Supporters Trust: 'I don't want to see football fans getting hurt'

Daniel Wynne, spokesman for the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust said: "I don't want to see any football supporters getting hurt when they travel to simply watch their football club, I'm even more upset that it's Tottenham fans. One guy is critically ill by all accounts."

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Spurs: Nine of our supporters suffered injuries

We understand from local police that nine of our supporters suffered injuries last night following an incident in the city (Rome) centre.

Three of those supporters were taken to hospital for further treatment. We continue to seek further information and are liaising with Italian and UK police on this matter.

– Spurs spokesman
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