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Clue to missing schoolboy 'lies in graveyard' says detective

Lee Boxall went missing almost 25-years-ago

For the second time in less than a year, police are digging at a graveyard in Surrey in search of a schoolboy who went missing almost 25-years-ago.

Lee Boxall was 15-years-old when he disappeared in September 1988.

It is thought the schoolboy is buried in one of the graves at St Dunstan's Church

He was last seen on Sutton High-street, it was previously believed that he went to watch a football match, but the current theory is that he actually went to the graveyard where a paedophile-ring operated.

It is thought he saw something 'untoward' and was effectively 'silenced forever'.

The latest theory surrounding Lee's disappearance is that he went to this graveyard

It is thought he is buried in one of the graves at St Dunstan's Church in Cheam.

A Detective heading the investigation says that this is a 'routine and scheduled search' that they have been doing for some time, but that 'the clue to Lee Boxall's disappearance does lie somewhere in the graveyard.

A paedophile ring used to operate from this graveyard in Surrey

Police excavate Cheam graveyard to search for missing boy

Police are excavating a graveyard in Cheam, in the search for a schoolboy who went missing 24 years ago.

Lee Boxall, who was 15, was last seen in Sutton High Street in 1988.

His parents have never given up hope of him coming home.After the 24-year wait a new police investigation is trying to explain what happened to their son.

Ronke Phillips reports.