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Mayor "drops localist principles for developers" says Assembly Member

I amdisappointed the Mayor has taken this important decision away from Lewisham.The Mayor claims to be a localist, but that’s a principle he’ll drop happily atthe request of developers.

He has ignored Lewisham’s good record as a planningauthority and cites the breakdown of their relationship with the developer as areason to “call-in” an application.

– Len Duvall, Labour London Assembly Member for Greenwich & Lewisham

Lewisham Council: hugely disappointed

This development is of great interest and importance toLewisham and we are hugely disappointed by the Mayor’s decision for the GLA toact as planning authority.

The GLA recognises Lewisham Council’s good performance in delivering new housing over recent years. We note also that the report recommends a continued close working relationship with Lewisham Council to ensure that local issues are fully considered and acknowledges that we need to secure from the developers significant local benefits should the application be approved.

We will continue to represent local concerns and support the appropriate regeneration of our Thames waterfront to provide much needed jobs and homes.

– Lewisham Council spokesperson


Henry VIII's Royal Docklands have been derelict for years

Formerly The King's Yard, the first of the Royal Dockyards which was built by Henry VIII in 1513, Convoys Wharf has been derelict for over a decade.

An application to build up to 3,500 new homes on the site was submitted to Lewisham Council earlier this year but the application expired without resolution.

The developer then asked the the Mayor to take over as planning authority for the project, which he has agreed to do.

Boris Johnson, said:

“We need to build thousands of new homes in the capital and proposals to do that at Convoys Wharf have been on the blocks for over a decade.

Those plans deserve full and thorough consideration, and my team will work closely with the Borough and the applicant to do so without further delay.”