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Black cab stolen with the driver's dog still inside

Two men have been arrested after a black cab was stolen with the driver's dog inside.

Credit: PA

The taxi driver briefly left her vehicle running but when she returned to the cab her Pomeranian-Staffy cross was gone. Thankfully, police in Leytonstone found 12-year-old Harry and the stolen car a couple of hours later.

Police arrested two men, aged 31 and 40, on suspicion of theft on Monday evening.

We get many leads on many crimes but this is the best collar we have had."This is a great example of police work and we are pleased that Harry has been reunited with her owner.

– Detective Superintendent Jacqueline Sebire, Met Police

Skinniest home in Britain looks set to be torn down

The skinniest home in Britain looks set to be torn down after the owner lost a legal fight with a London council. The narrow property is barely two metres wide, and was built between two houses in Leyton, where a garage used to stand.

Credit: ITV News

According to the Evening Standard, the owner of the home on Manor Road, Mohammed Akhlaq, now has three months to revert the building back to its previous use.

Credit: ITV News

One neighbour said: "For a long time it was a horrible shed, not even a garage. They seem to have put this bizarre front on it, but what was there before was really, really horrible. I don’t have anything against it."


Eleven arrests over Leytonstone double murder

Eleven people have now been arrested over a double murder in Leytonstone last Saturday. Four of those were arrested yesterday and have now been released on bail.

Aaron Carriere, 21, and Josiah Manful, 20 were found suffering from fatal stab wounds in a car on Montague Road around 1am on Saturday 1st March.

21 year old Aaron Carriere died from fatal stab wounds last Saturday Credit: Met Police
Josiah Manful, 20, was found in the same car also fatally wounded Credit: Met Police

Ten of those arrested are men, with the youngest 18 years old. A 46 year old woman has also been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Police are still trying to discover the motive for the murders and are appealing for witnesses.

Hunt for hooded suspects after 'ferocious attack'

There were several suspects and they were all hooded. They attacked both sides of the car simultaneously and attacked the two victims Josiah and Aaron while they were sitting in the car.

They were stabbed several times, they suffered significant injuries. The attack can only be described as ferocious.

It's likely that these suspects are speaking about what happened and people are hearing them speak about it.

Information can be treated in confidence, my team are specialist homicide investigators and there are several methods we can use to protect people's identities.

– Detective Chief Inspector Neil Attewell, Metropolitan Police


Police: 'Too early to speculate' over double murder

Police are scouring CCTV footage as they try to piece together the final movements of two men who were murdered in an ambush by a hooded gang.

At the moment it's not clear why these two men were targeted and murdered. My appeal is threefold. I'm appealing to witnesses to the attack, I'm appealing for information from those who may know those responsible, and we need to understand why these two men were murdered.

It's too early to speculate on why they were murdered and we're keeping an open mind about the circumstances behind these murders, and I urge the community and members of the public to do the same.

– Detective Chief Inspector Neil Attewell, Metropolitan Police

Men stabbed to death in a car in 'wrong place at wrong time'

Speaking to the Evening Standard, friends of the two men said they went to church every week, and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They were funny, kind, bubbly, outgoing and very charismatic. They had hearts of gold and always had big smiles.

If you needed something because you didn't have any money or whatever they would always help you out. It's such a shock. We have no idea who would want to do this.

– Shantelle Limbard

Men 'stabbed several times' as they sat in a black Fiesta

The Homicide and Major Crime Command are still trying to piece together the events of the previous evening into the early hours of the 1 March. We are in the early stages of this investigation and retain an open mind as to the motive of this ferocious attack.

Aaron and Josiah were in a black Fiesta in Montague Road and both were stabbed several times as they sat in the vehicle. The London Ambulance Service made a significant effort to save their lives but unfortunately both later died at the scene.

– Metropolitan Police

Police name two men found stabbed to death in a car

Two men who were found in a car after they were stabbed to death have been named as Aaron Carriere and Josiah Manful.

Aaron Carriere Credit: Metropolitan Police

No one has been arrested and police are appealing for witnesses to come forward. Any one with information can call the incident room on 020 8345 3715 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Josiah Manful Credit: Metropolitan Police
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