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Hillingdon Council gives libraries a boost

The Libary is a public service that has suffered in recent years with closures but one council seems to be bucking that trend.

The borough of Hillingdon has 17 of them and their council has announced that it will be investing money in every single one of them.

Hillingdon Council buck the trend of the dying library Credit: PA

Hillingdon Council have already reduce running costs whilst at the same time protecting libraries from closure, retaining staff, extending opening hours and increasing stock levels of books and digital resources.


Campaign to save Friern Barnet Library

Friern Barnet Library will host a ceremony today after a community group took control of it. Barnet Council has agreed to let the group run the library after a campaign by local residents and the Occupy group.

The council had wanted to sell the library and move its facilities to another centre. However, the campaigners have now won their battle to keep the original building open.

Liz Wickham did this report in September 2012 on the campaign:


Squatters go to court to keep library open

Friern Barnet Library was closed by the council in April. Credit: ITN

A group of squatters who moved into Friern Barnet Library have been given three weeks to allow them to put together a case to stay there so they can keep it running. The decision at Barnet County Court could mean a stay of execution for the library.

Barnet Council closed it in April and wants to sell the building. However, local people have donated books to the squatters so they can keep the library running.

Local people donated books to keep it running. Credit: ITN