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Top ten worst lift call out locations

To highlight the problem of lift call outs, London Fire Brigade have released the top ten worst offenders for non-emergency calls to people stuck in lifts.

The number one building was a block of flats in south east London where last year firefighters were called once a fortnight to deal with somebody trapped inside a lift.

The top ten buildings and the number of call outs in 2012/13 are:

  • Wendover, Thurlow Street SE17: 27
  • Hornbeam House, Maitland Park Villas, NW3: 20
  • Earlsdown House, Wheelers Cross, IG11: 19
  • Maydew House, Abbeyfield Road, SE16: 16
  • Bradenham, Boyson Road, Walworth, SE17: 15
  • Hillrise Mansions, Wartlersville Road, N19: 15
  • Eddystone Tower, Oxestall Road, SE8: 15
  • Delafield House, Christian Street, E1: 14
  • Hastings House, Sherborne Avenue, EN3: 13
  • Rothay, Albany Street, NW1: 13

Fire Brigade announces tough new penalties for lift call outs

London Fire Brigade has today announced that councils and businesses will face tough new penalties if they persistently call 999 to deal with non-emergency lift call outs.

The Brigade will now recover £290 plus VATfrom the owners of buildings and lifts for attending non-emergency lift callouts.

The charge is applied from the third occasion firefighters are called to the same building in a twelve month period. Londoners were consulted on the new rules and they were agreed as part of the Fifth London Safety Plan.

Last year fire crews in London still attended a total of 6,430 lift rescues - around 17 each day.

The Brigade still wants to be called when there is a genuine emergency but less than 1%, just 57 of the nearly 6,500 lift rescues last year, were medical cases.