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Barnet result 'down to last ward'

It is going down to the last ward in Barnet which three Liberal Democrats held before the election.

If the Tories can take two seats from the Lib Dems, they will retain a majority but if Labour take two seats the party will widely be expected to make history and control Barnet for the first time, as it is expected to retain its three seats in the postponed Colindale ward vote in June.


Labour retain control of Greenwich Council

Labour has retained control of Greenwich Council after passing the winning post of 26 seats, with one gain from the Tories so far, after nine of 17 wards declared.

Labour has retained control of south east London borough council of Southwark.

Labour has recorded victories in 47 of the 63 seats that have so far been declared. There is just one ward, containing three seats, left to declare.

The Liberal Democrats have 11 seats while the Conservatives have two.

Peter John, Labour's current leader of Southwark Council, described it as "a rejection absolutely of the coalition parties in this borough" and of negative campaigning.

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