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Airline claim the fire was a 'false alarm'

In a statement Blue Islands have said the flight was diverted as a precaution.

The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers at Southend. Initial indications are that no fire took place and it appears to be a false alert. The passengers were then transported by road to London City Airport. Passenger, crew and aircraft safety is our number one priority at all times.

– Blue Islands spokesperson

Plane diverted to Southend airport with engine fire

A plane flying from Jersey to London City Airport has had to be diverted to London Southend Airport due to an engine fire'.

The 'Blue Island' plane requested permission to land at Southend due to 'technical difficulties' at around 8.30am.

It landed safely at 9.00am and was met by emergency services.

They were stood down shortly after landing and all 28 passengers onboard left the plane safely.


Automatic systems on the plane put the fire out before it landed

Credit: PA

The plane's engine caught on fire just before 8:30am.

Automatic systems on the plane extinguished the fire before it landed, Essex Fire and Rescue Service said.

Divisional Officer Neil Fenwick, who attended the incident, said:

This was a text book operation. The fire was out by the time the plane touched down and no-one appears to have been hurt. The plane landed safely on one engine and automatic fire suppression systems on board had completely extinguished the fire.

Our crews made sure that the fire was fully out but were not required to take any further action. We left the scene in the hands of the airport. This had the potential to be an extremely serious incident but everything which should happen in a situation like this did and the plane was able to land safely.

– Neil Fenwick

Southend Airport have said the aircraft involved was operated by Blue Island Airways and had been travelling from Jersey. It landed safely just before 9am. Passengers are being taken by coach to London City Airport.

Passenger sets off fire alarm to delay flight

A passenger who was running late for their flight triggered the fire alarm at London City Airport, causing a full evacuation.

The fire alarm went off at around 2.45pm. Staff and passengers were able to re-enter the building 15 minutes later after the source was identified.

A spokesperson for London City Airport said: "Once an aircraft has started its engines there is little you can do to get onboard if you are late, short of clinging to the undercarriage - which we obviously wouldn’t recommend.

"Lovely though Frankfurt is, the person who triggered the alarm will probably, with hindsight, wish they had taken it on the chin and re-booked as the matter was taken up by police.”

Late running passenger triggers full airport evacuation

A passenger running late for their flight triggered a full evacuation of London City Airport earlier today. The flustered customer panicked and pushed the fire alarm, which meant everyone had to leave the terminal building. As London City Airport put it... "Words fail..."

The airport has now returned to normal, and flights operating to schedule.

Flybe looking forward to building London market

Flybe said it is looking forward to building a successful presence in London after the airline announced that it will be operating from London City Airport from October.

Flybe chief executive Saad Hammad said:

Dedicating five growth aircraft initially to these new routes is a major statement of intent and we look forward to building a successful and growing presence there over the coming years.

Flybe is today already connecting over seven million passengers a year across the UK and Europe. With a major London connection, we reaffirm our place as the UK's largest regional airline.


Flybe to operate services from London City Airport

Flybe airline will operate from London City Airport this autumn and is expected to fly around 500,000 passengers a year under the new deal.

It is the first time the airline has flown from London. Credit: PA Wire

The company will begin flights from the Docklands airport on October 27 and it will be the first time the airline has flown from London.

Flybe will offer four daily services to Edinburgh and Dublin and three flights a day to Belfast as well as twice-daily services to Inverness.

It is also set to fly passengers to European ski resorts and to French and northern Spanish destinations.

City Airport increases 'economic growth to capital'

The report said it was currently the 'perfect time' to close the airport. Credit: PA Wire

London City Airport provides the capital with investment and economic growth, the airport has said after a report suggested the airport should be closed.

The New Economics Foundation claimed the site should be redeveloped to build new homes and businesses in a report published today.

However, a spokesman told the Telegraph that the airport “provides a direct route to the capital's business, financial and political centres, facilitating inward investment and economic growth."

London City Airport 'should close', new report says

London City Airport should be closed to make way for new homes, businesses and public spaces, a new report has suggested.

A general view of London City Airport from the River Thames. Credit: PA Wire

The report by the New Economics Foundation says it is the "perfect time" to close the airport which "destroys more social, environmental and economic value than they create".

NEF claim closing the airport would free up a significant space to build a "new kind neighbourhood" with homes, businesses, green spaces and cultural venues.

Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick could all absorb the loss of City Airport, the report argues.

Three injured as plane develops technical fault

Three people were injured after the Swiss International flight developed at technical fault on the runway at London City Airport. The flight was due to leave for Geneva at 3pm. It had 74 passengers and four crew on board.

Seventy four passengers and four crew were evacuated immediately and three people were treated at the scene for minor injuries by the London Ambulance Service.

– London City Airport

The runway has now reopened.

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