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Video of life-saving fire door in a blaze released to warn homeowners

London Fire Brigade have released this video showing how well fire doors can protect people in a life-threatening blaze, in order to warn homeowners not to remove them as part of home improvements.

They are concerned that Londoners living in purpose built blocks or houses converted into flats could be replacing fire doors at the entrance to their properties with doors that don't meet the required safety standards.

London Fire Brigade warning over fire door removal

Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

London homeowners who remove or modify fire doors when renovating their property could be putting their lives at risk, London Fire Brigade warns.

In the last three years in London three people have died and 36 people have been injured in fires where fire doors have been replaced, left open or incorrectly fitted.

Fire safety doors - including the door frame, seals, letter box and any glazing - are specially designed to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes and are a legal requirement for flats which open onto communal areas shared with other tenants.


London Fire Brigade: Bermondsey fire now controlled

London Fire Brigade have said the fire at the home and leisure trade warehouse in Bermondsey is now under control.

Firefighters began tackling a fire which broke out at the back of a building on Surrey Quays Road shortly after 1.30pm this afternoon.

No injuries have been reported.

Part of a warehouse caught alight in Bermondsey fire

Part of a warehouse is alight and three gas cylinders have exploded in Bermondsey.

Fire crews have been tackling a fire which broke out at the back of a newspaper print works building on Surrey Quays Road shortly after 1.30pm this afternoon.

In another tweet onlooker Claire wrote: "Sirens everywhere there must be at least 10 fire engines, command trucks, ladders etc. it's utter chaos."

Firefighters tackle shop fire in south London

Eight fire engines and over 40 firefighters have been called to a shop fire on Surrey Quays Road in Bermondsey.

Surrey Quays Road has been shut off to vehicles and pedestrians between Redriff Road and Needleman Street.

London firefighters free child from potty

Credit: ITN

A child had to be freed by firefighters after getting its head stuck in a potty. The incident in Dulwich last week was one of hundreds that saw London Fire Brigade spend almost £240,000 rescuing children who accidentally got locked in rooms or trapped in unusual situations in the last five years. LFB said it attended 1,508 call-outs involving youngsters getting stuck in or on things in 2013/14 and 8,189 over the last five years - the equivalent of nearly five call-outs a day.

One child got a cone stuck on their head. Credit: PA

Other call outs have included a child with a cone stuck on its head in Enfield, and a child with its arm stuck in a TV speaker in Lewisham. Last year LFB also dealt with 500 children locked in toilets and bathrooms, 133 stuck in trees, 50 locked in cars and 24 with a hand stuck in a letter box.

Kids are always crawling about and exploring so accidents are bound to happen, but when we are releasing children from under tables and out of TV speakers it diverts our attention from other emergencies. Many of the incidents we get called to could be avoided with a little bit of common sense. During this summer holiday, I would ask parents to keep an eye on their children and only call 999 if it is a real emergency.



London Fire Brigade to run high rise flat safety fire lessons in schools

London Fire Brigade will today roll out an initiative in schools to raise awareness of fire safety. This will particularly focus on safety in high rise flats after the Lakanal House fire in 2009. Six people died in the fire at Lakanal House that was part of a 14 story housing block in Camberwell.

Specialist Schools team with the London Fire Brigade will be at a school in Waltham Forest from 8.45 this morning to talk to students. Pupils will be encouraged to pass on information to family members at home.

Faulty fuse boxes cause 5 house fires a week

Faulty fuse boxes are causing five house fires a week in the capital, according to new figures by the London Fire Brigade.

London Fire Brigade say faulty fuse boxes are to blame for 5 house fires a week Credit: ITN

They say defective wiring and components are behind the problem. New regulations are being announced which will require them to be flame proof from 2015.

There's been a five fold increase in fires started by fuse boards over five years.

It's believed the increase is because many homes have installations subject to product recall.

Also, sometimes the wiring is not fitted properly at the time the unit is installed.

Find out here if your fuse box unit is on the London Fire Brigade recall list.

97 firefighters involved in Erith scrap yard fire

London Fire Brigade say that 97 firefighters and officers are now at the scene of a fire on an industrial estate in Erith.

They are working with 15 engines from stations including Greenwich, Plumstead, Erith, Lee Green, Sidcup, and Bexley fire stations.

The Fire Brigade have confirmed that over half of a scrap yard and an adjacent car workshop is on fire and that a number of vehicles are alight, as well as scrap metal.

Fire Brigade advises locals to keep windows shut and others to avoid area

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