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Transport for London 'pleased' industrial action is suspended

We have held over eighty meetings in the past eleven months with the Trade Unions and we’ve already seen good progress through the process of consultation, including the number of post reductions falling from 953 to 897. We anticipate this will reduce even further through the process of continued discussions and local consultation. We have adhered to every single one of the commitments we made to our staff, including delivering on our guarantee of no compulsory redundancies and offering a job for anyone who wants to stay with us with no loss of pay. We will continue to consult with staff and trades unions while we implement our proposals to modernise and improve the Tube service for our customers. In future we will have more staff than ever before visible and available to help our customers buy the right ticket or use their contactless payment card, plan their journeys and keep them safe and secure.

– Phil Hufton, London Underground

Tube strikes cancelled

Tube union RMT has confirmed that strikes due to start on Tuesday evening on London Underground over the threat to jobs, working and conditions and services has been suspended following progress in talks hosted by ACAS yesterday.

Thanks to both the solidarity and determination of our members, and the hard work of our negotiators in the ACAS talks, RMT has been able to secure significant movement in three key areas which have allowed our executive to suspend both the action scheduled for next week and the on-going overtime ban. The substantial improvements we have agreed allow us to move forwards but the Union’s core opposition to the austerity-led cuts on London Underground has not shifted an inch and we remain vigilant to further developments and their impact.

– Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary


New trains to 'recreate the ambiance of the living room'

Credit: Transport for London

The new tube trains will have air-conditioning and walk-through carriages for the first time on the “deep-level” lines, as well as wider doors and step-free access. London Underground claim the interiors will 'recreate the ambiance of the living room, with new levels of comfort for seats and vestibules, pools of lights and electronic notice boards.'

Tube peace talks end with no mention of progress

Talks between the RMT and London Underground to try and avert strike action have ended for the day with no mention of progress on either side.

The conciliation service ACAS, who were hosting the talks, said the parties had gone away to 'reflect':

The RMT union has instructed its members to walk about from 9pm next Tuesday for 48 hours in a long running dispute over tube ticket office closures.


Your views: Do you back next week's Tube strike?

Members of the RMT Union will walkout for 48 hours on Tuesday night after the breakdown of long-running negotiations. Do you back the walkout? Go to our Facebook page or Tweet us @itvlondon

Christine Clark Any excuse. Train new operatives and get rid of this lot. There are plenty who would like their jobs.

Samantha Gardiner They are getting rid of the staff and planning not to replace them. So no staff on the stations. So when something goes wrong what will happen?

Gerry Walshe They are closing ticket offices. Hardly anyone uses them. TFL still need to legally have a certain amount of operating staff at a station before they can operate. So yes, there will be staff at stations!

Tube workers will take strike action next week

London Underground workers will take strike action next week it was announced today. Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union have been instructed not to book shifts between 2100 hrs on Tuesday October the 14th and 2059 hrs on Thursday October 16th

This is the latest phase in RMT's Every Job Matters campaign in a long running dispute over Tube ticket office closures. After a recent meeting of reps it was decided that the limited progress made had not been enough and the only option was to move back to strike action.

"RMT will not stand back and allow Government-driven austerity cuts to hollow out the Tube system and leave it as a dangerous shell. We are also fully aware that the current cuts are just part of a multi-billion pound attack that will include such lethal ideas as driverless-operation. "The strike action next week is designed to force the mayor to instruct his senior officials to back away from this toxic cuts package and engage in serious and meaningful negotiations."

– RMT general secretary Mick Cash

Boris Johnson declines challenge to spend a day in a wheelchair

The Mayor's office has confirmed to ITV London that Boris Johnson has declined a challenge by paralympian Hannah Cockcroft to spend a day in a wheelchair using the tube network to get around.

The Mayor thanks Hannah for her passionate efforts to highlight the challenges wheelchair users face using public transport and will ask TfL to work with her to gain further understanding of the issues she raises.

He is very aware of the difficulties that are posed by our 150 year-old Tube network and that the picture for disabled people travelling in the capital is far from perfect.

London has one of the most accessible transport networks in the world, but delivering continued improvements is a key priority for the Mayor.

– Mayor of London
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