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London Zoo's newborn tiger cubs caught on camera

London Zoo has released hidden camera footage of three newborn tiger cubs. The incredibly rare Sumatran tigers were born at the beginning of last month to mother Melati. The cubs remain with their mother inside a special 'cubbing den' and Melati will only occasionally venture away for food.

The Zoo has not yet found out what sex the cubs are as they haven't left their mother's side.

Zookeeper Teague Stubbington said 'We couldn't be more delighted with our new arrivals, and with how Melati is responding to her three cubs'

Ten of the best animal 'selfies'

A pair of dogs smile for the camera. Credit: Twitter
This cat attempts a 'bedtime selfie'. Credit: Instagram: Lilfabbie
This dog strikes a 'side selfie' where only one side of the face is captured. Credit: Instagram: chanceytheaussie
Bekily, the London Zoo lemur, isn't the first of his kind to grab a camera. Credit: Twitter
A dog captures his walk on camera. Credit: Twitter
A bearded dragon poses for the camera. Credit: Twitter: Laurababesh
Another walk and another dog captures his adventure on camera. Credit: Reddit: tomcampbell105
Another dog selfie, this time the subject sticks out its tongue for his photo. Credit: Instagram: pearlbot
This Doberman poses for a picture with its owner who is pushed out of the shot. Credit: Reddit: cometchick
A crested black macaque demonstrates how to execute the perfect animal selfie. Credit: Twitter


London Zoo Lemur jumps on 'selfie' band wagon

The spotlight craving lemur hugged the camera lens as he took pictures from all angles. Credit: London Zoo

This lemur clearly decided to get involved in the recent trend for selfies before he took this series of shots.

The 12-year-old ring tail lemur, named Bekily, grabbed the camera from London Zoo keeper Tegan McPhail and seemed to enjoy his moment in the spotlight.

The furry attraction snapped an action shot. Credit: London Zoo

Ms McPhail said: "We’re always taking quick pictures of the animals we look after – as with workmates this cute, it’s hard to resist - but Bekily definitely wanted to get in on the action himself this time."

Bekily takes a classic self portrait. Credit: London Zoo

The zoo in Regent's Park is offering people the chance to win a share of £10,000 by entering its animal photography competition.

The winning pictures will be displayed at a zoo exhibition this autumn.

The ring-tailed lemur strikes a more thoughtful pose. Credit: London Zoo

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