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Breathtaking winning photographs on display at London Zoo

Category Six - Deep and Meaningful. Adult Winner. SLOWEST SPRINTER by Vaclav Krpelik. Credit: Vaclav Krpelik (c) ZSL

A stunning shot of a turtle gliding through the sea and the breathtaking image of an ant carrying a leaf ten times its size.

That's just two of the mesmerising pictures entered into the ZSL Animal Photography Prize now showing at London Zoo.

The competition is held every year to inspire amateur and professional photographers to get out and capture the magic of the natural world.

Category Four - Size Matters. Adult Winner. A GIANT TROPHY FOR A SMALL ANT by Bence Mate. Credit: Bence Mate (c) ZSL
Adult Highly Commended. FAIRY TERN HOVER by Michael Gallagher. Credit: Michael Gallagher (c) ZSL



Vital statistics at London Zoo

The measurements taken during London zoo's annual stock-take are used to monitor the animals' health and shared with zoos across the world to compare information on endangered species.

"Every year we like to weigh the animals we have at the zoo, really just for a record so we can share it with other zoos and even conservation projects abroad."Not everything can be weighed, but anything that we have that can be trained, from camels to birds, aadvarks to armadillos - even the tigers - we are trying to get weighed today."By being able to tell what they weigh, we can use that later on if they're not very well - if they've lost weight we know that they're sick, if they're pregnant their weights will go up, so throughout the year we can use it as a comparative."

– Zookeeper Angela Ryan

Beach bodies tested at London Zoo

Animals stepped on the scales at London Zoo today for the annual weigh-in. It allows the keepers to keep check of all their vital statistics and make sure they're all fit and healthy.

Waxy monkey frogs, giant African land snails and tamandua tree anteaters were among the creatures to take to the scales.

Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire
Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire
Max, the Eurasian eagle Owl, sits on a set of electronic scales and is weighed Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire
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