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  1. Simon Harris

Croydon tram 'travelling at 46mph as it passed a 13mph speed limit sign' before fatal crash

The driver of a Croydon tram which crashed killing seven passengers may have 'lost awareness' of a sharp bend as he approached it at more than three times the speed limit, according to a new report.

Credit: PA

The interim findings from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch reveal the tram was travelling at 46mph as it passed a 13mph speed limit sign at Sandilands.

'The late application of the brakes, and the absence of emergency braking, suggests that the driver had lost awareness that he was approaching the tight, left-hand curve. The RAIB is continuing to investigate the factors that may have caused this to occur.'

– Rail Accident Investigation Branch Report

The early morning service from New Addington jumped the tracks and landed on its side on November 9th, last year.

'There was no sign to indicate to drivers where they should begin to apply the brake for the Sandilands curve; they were expected to know this from their knowledge of the route.'

– Rail Accident Investigation Branch Report

Most of the victims were 'ejected or partially ejected' through broken windows, according to the report.

'In January this year we installed chevron signs at four sites with significant bends including Sandilands to provide an additional visual cue for drivers.

'We have recently held a summit with other tram operators from around the country and continue to consider further safety measures that could be introduced.'

– Mike Brown, Commissioner, Transport for London
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