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Police: Motive behind Alice Gross murder was sexual

The Metropolitan police said they believe they had enough DNA evidence to charge convicted killer Arnis Zalkalns with the murder of schoolgirl Alice Gross, had be still been alive today.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Chalmers said his "most likely motive was sexual".

Police believe Alice Gross was murdered by Arnis Zalkans. Credit: Family handout/Met Police

Zalkans was found dead in Boston Manor Park in west London on October 4 last year, following an international man-hunt. He had been identified by police as their chief suspect. ITV News reporter Sejal Karia is at the police briefing.

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Police would have charged Arnis Zalkans with murder

The Metropolitan Police said they believe they would have had enough evidence to charge Arnis Zalkans with the murder of 14-year-old school girl Alice Gross.

Arnis Zalkans, the convicted killer who was found dead in October 4 last year following an international man hunt. Credit: Police handout.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, police said they collected various evidence against him, including:

  • An iPhone cover found concealed inside his garden belonged to Alice
  • DNA from a cigarette butt found metres from where Alice's body was found matched Zalkans
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iPhone of Alice Gross found inside suspect's garden

Police said they found an iPhone cover belonging to murdered schoolgirl Alice Gross inside the garden of Arnis Zalkans, the main suspect in the case.

ITV News reporter Sejal Karia reports:


200 Australian paramedics start work in London

Credit: PA

Nearly 200 Australian paramedics start work at the London Ambulance Service in the next few hours.

A national shortage of paramedics in this country meant recruiters looked abroad. Australian skills and training match UK standards.

The paramedics have all completed a conversion course and the service plans to recruit more in March.

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