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Romantic marriage proposal seen from the sky

The romantic Gladstone Park proposal Credit: Metropolitan Police

Could this be the most romantic guy in north London? The Met police helicopter caught this glowing marriage proposal while travelling over Gladstone Park just before midnight. The timing could not have been better, with the photo showing a man down on one knee as he popped the question. We are still waiting to hear if the answer was yes.

The proposal lit up the park Credit: Metropolitan Police


First Olympic stadium marriage proposal

Bindi Bhambra agreed to marry Wendell Raphaell at the Olympic stadium Credit: ITV News

The first marriage proposal in London's Olympic Stadium took place today and, to the delight of the 20,000-strong crowd, she said "yes".

Charity mascot Wendell Raphael was shown onto a stage, and his face was beamed onto a big screen, after he had taken part in a parade around the ground.

Thanking his girlfriend for her support of his charity work, Mr Raphael, dressed as a super hero, said: "This is not an April Fool. Bindi Bhambra, will you marry me?"

She was shown in tears watching from her seat and, to applause from the crowds, nodded her head as the words "She said yes!" flashed onto the screens.

Mr Raphael, known as Raph, who lives in New Cross, said: "When it was confirmed I'd be taking part in the parade two weeks ago, I knew I wanted to propose in front of all these people here today." He met his fiancee, a 35-year-old teacher from Bristol, on a dating website six months ago.