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Boris standing as MP is a 'snub' to Londoners

In response to Boris Johnson’s announcement today, that he plans to stand in the 2015 election, Len Duvall, Leader of London Assembly Labour Group, said the decision is a "snub to Londoners".

She said: “It is clear that Boris saw the Mayoralty as a nothing more than a stepping stone to help build his public profile and his record at City Hall reflects that."

Boris has previously stated that being Mayor of London was the 'greatest job in the world'. However, it is clear he no longer thinks that.

Boris will be utterly distracted for the next two years – fighting an election campaign then as an MP, if successful.

All this at a time when Londoners – who are suffering a severe housing crisis, cuts to police and fire services, and some of the worst air quality in Europe – will need strong leadership most.

– Len Duvell

“Londoners deserve better than a part-time Mayor who is more concerned with his own political ambitions than leading their city," she added.

RMT: London have been taken for fools by Boris' lies

In response to Boris Johnson's announcement today, that he plans to run for Parliament in next year's general election, Mick Cash, acting general secretary of tube union RMT, said London has been "taken for fools" by his "lies".

Once again the people of London have been taken for fools by Boris Johnson and his lies and broken pledges.

The same Boris Johnson who told us he wouldn’t close tube ticket offices also told us he would complete his full term as Mayor without a return to Parliament, a pack of lies on both counts.

London now looks like being lumbered with a lame duck Mayor until 2016 while Boris jumps ship to fulfill his personal political ambitions.


"It is a shocking and sordid way to treat the people of London and will add fuel to RMT’s demands for a halt to job and service cuts on the tube," he added.


'We've always known Boris wants to be next Tory PM'

Talking about Boris Johnson's plans to stand in the 2015 election, former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: "It's the worst kept secret ever. We've always known Boris wants to be the next Tory prime minister."

On all the polls the Tories are going to lose next year. If he's not in Parliament, someone else will get that job. By the time they've done their time Boris will be like me, drawing his pension, so this is his last chance.

Boris has always lied about everything in those two elections. The debates, I even remember him promising fares would come down under him.

Whenever he was pushed by any interviewer or by me or Brian it was 'Oh no, inconceivable, more likely martians will land on earth than I'll ever be prime minister'. He lied consistently.

– Ken Livingstone

"People knew that. I think most people knew he wasn't telling the truth but he's entertaining and they didn't mind," he added.


Strong support among Tory MPs for Boris plan


Boris's decision to stand in 2015 is unalloyed good news. Blue touch paper is lit.

Tory MPs have strongly welcomed the news that Boris Johnson plans to run for Parliament in next year's general election.

Former Welsh Secretary David Jones called the announcement "unalloyed good news", while Enfield MP Nick de Bois said Mr Johnson could potentially bring high level executive experience to the Tory team.


In the event of a Cons government after 2015 @mayoroflondon election as MP would bring amongst highest level of executive experience to gov

Backbencher Anne Marie Morris claimed the response to the move from other parties showed they were "rattled" by the idea of Mr Johnson returning to Parliament.


Labour & Lib Dem reaction to Boris' announcement merely confirms that he has made the right decision #Rattled

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Your views: 'Boris can't do one job he's got now'

If Boris returns to Westminster, do you think he can successfully juggle two jobs at once? Get in touch on Facebook, or tweet us.

Colin Simpson: "Some people would argue Boris can't do the one job he's got now as Mayor of London, so how on earth will he cope with having two jobs?"

Steven Verlander: "Hell no look how he put London at risk by closing the fire stations. I don't see any good from him or from any London mayor from the past my confidence has gone from any in the future. cut their jobs and expenses and save the money."

Sue Holland: "Nope, he's got one job and he can't do that!"

Boris ‘placing Tory leadership ambitions above UK jobs’

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Europe Report’ today Boris Johnson declared his intention to stand as an MP in the 2015 election.

Len Duvall, leader of the London Assembly Labour Group, has responded to the Mayor's announcement, saying it is nothing more than a "positioning exercise from a Mayor who wants to be leader of the Conservative Party".

This report may play well to the South-East Tory strong-holds but in reality leaving the EU risks leaving Britain isolated, poorer and less influential on the world stage.

Boris has demonstrated that his concern for the UK economy stops at the Watford Gap.

The Mayor is only interested in the impact of EU membership on London’s financial services industry, and particularly the incomes of hedge fund managers and City bankers.

– Len Duvell



Boris: 'I can't endlessly go on dodging these questions'

Boris Johnson said today he could not go on "endlessly dodging" questions about his future.

But the Mayor of London played down his chances of success, saying it was "highly likely" he would fail to find a suitable constituency in which to run.

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Boris 'didn't tell Cameron' about MP announcement

Boris Johnson did not tell David Cameron about his announcement that he planned to run for Parliament in 2015, the London Mayor has revealed.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship is following developments.


Boris didn't tell Dave that he was going to announce this today. He's just been asked as much by @cathynewman

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Tory Party Chairman 'delighted' over Boris MP hope

The Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has said that he is "delighted" that London Mayor Boris Johnson hopes to return to Parliament as an MP.


Served with Boris in parliament when he was last an MP and I'm delighted that he now hopes to return


David Cameron: 'Great news' that Boris plans to stand

David Cameron has tweeted that it is "great news" that one of his "star players" Boris Johnson plans to run for Parliament in 2015.


Great news that Boris plans to stand at next year's general election - I've always said I want my star players on the pitch.

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