Met Police specialists sent to Ukraine

Experts from New Scotland Yard are traveling to Ukraine to help recover the bodies of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.

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Cyclist dies in car collision

Police tape.
Police tape Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

A male cyclist who was involved in a collision with a car in Merton early this morning has died in hospital. The 25-year-old's next of kin has been informed. The driver of a silver Honda Accord who stopped at the scene was arrested. Police are requesting that anyone with information should ring the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 020 8543 5157.


Metropolitan specialist forces to host open day

The Metropolitan Police Service will host an open day at their Mounted Training establishment in Surrey today. This is a chance for specialist units that support the force on a daily basis to showcase their talents.

Demonstrations will include mounted officers jumping through rings of fire, a helicopter pursuit and a public order demonstration. There will also be an appearance from the newest puppy recruits. There will be an opportunity to talk to officers about their work and entry is free all day.

"This open day promises to be fun and enjoyable for visitors of all ages. It is a perfect opportunity to come and see some of the exciting and varied police units that support daily policing on London's streets. There will be plenty of officers on hand to chat to and answer any burning questions you may have about individual units, whether that be about sniffer dogs, the mounted branch, the police helicopter, the Territorial Support Group or the even Marine Police Unit."

– Mark Bird, Chief Superintendent

Lawyer hails police move 'step in right direction'

Cecilia Goodwin, a lawyer who campaigns for reform of the Metropolitan Police, told ITV News that the force's move to recruit exclusively from London was a "step in the right direction".

Ms Goodwin added: "I think there is a long way to go, but it is a positive step [...] I think we are still in the early stages [...] This goes towards what we are working towards".

New police recruits at West Ham as drive announced


New recruits lining up supported by the local community and their friends and family #community #opshinekf


Commissioner @mps and Boris @mopacldn inspect new recruits outside West Ham Football Stadium



Your views: Mixed reaction to police local recruitiment

With the Metropolitan Police planning to recruit exclusively from the capital, ITV London asks our Twitter users whether it is a good idea:


@itvlondon this is not a new thing, back in the mid 90s they did they same thing!!


@itvlondon yes. You need local knowledge and a feel for the area in a job like that of a police officer. Especially in a city. All for it.

Get involved in the debate by tweeting us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Your views: Should Met Police only recruit locals?

Get involved in the debate by tweeting us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page:

No one can afford to live in the city so recruitment will suffer (again).

– Siobhan Eliot

We can't stop Europeans coming into this country to knick all of our jobs. But we can stop people living outside of London joining the Met! Seems a bit exclusive to me. Surely this has to infringe some European law somewhere along the line. And as you know, we must not disobey Europe, must we.

– Chris Hall

Have agree too disagree. Living in London you have to know your knowledge, If your a outsider and quick to pick up then no each person is different the Met is changing all the time.

– Sarah Hancock

Local police recruitment 'about competence not colour'

A Metropolitan Police move to recruit constables exclusively from London is about "competence rather than colour", the deputy mayor for Policing and Crime has said. Stephen Greenhalgh added:

We need a Metropolitan Police Service that is made up of many more Londoners so the force has the diversity of talent needed to police a great global city.

As London grows and changes in the decades ahead, the police must change too so that they can police effectively and maintain public consent. That means having officers who understand the dynamics of this city and who have the skills to connect with and serve all Londoners

Diverse workforce 'important for effective policing'

The police need a workforce with a good understanding of the diverse communities they serve, Policing minister Damian Green has said, after it was announced that new police constables would be hired exclusively from around the city.

Officers must be able to gain the trust and support of those communities to report crime and work with them. A workforce which is drawn from and reflects the communities it serves is an important element of fair and effective policing.

I support the Met Commissioner and Mayor of London's determination to ensure that their workforce can understand and relate to communities in a modern, diverse and dynamic city like London.

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