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Londoners back migrants as good for economy

The capital's residents are more likely than people from the rest of the country to view migration as good for the economy, according to a new survey.

54% of Londoners believe that immigration has benefited the economy compared to just 28% of those asked from the rest of the country, a British Social Attitudes survey from NatCen Social Research found.

Meanwhile, 51% of people living in outer London believed Britain's cultural life was enriched by migrants coming to live here from other countries, with that figure rising to 61% in inner London.

Inspirational Migrants Recognised

Prize-winner Clara Osagiede at the awards ceremony last night. Credit: London Today.

A cleaner on the underground, who campaigned for her colleagues to be paid the London Living Wage, is among those who have been been honoured at the Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year Awards.

Clara Osagiede moved to the capital from Nigeria, where she had been involved in student politics.

One of her colleagues said: “Clara is a passionate fighter for justice at every level. Her experiences of life and migration are a source of strength to her. She will still be fighting when the rest of us are put out to grass.”