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Eco-friendly, outdoor, free gym in Millbank Gardens

It's great to see equipment that's free and accessible to everyone, whilst enjoying the park.

It ensures that Westminster City Council residents have the opportunity to fulfil the recommended guidelines for physical activity and maintain mental health.

Plus it's eco-friendly, offering a chance for social interaction.

– Cllr Tombolis, Westminster City Council

Outdoor gym set up to help to encourage excercise

An outdoor gym has sprung up near the Houses of Parliament to encourage more people to take up exercise.

Cllr Christabel Flight, John Tweddle, Westminster City Council's Green Spaces Manager, Cllr Sheila D’Souza and Cllr Frixos Tombolis. Credit: Westminster City Council

The project in Millbank Gardens is the start of a keep fit campaign by Westminster City Council. The equipment will appear in several other parks in the Spring.