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Postcodes 'clearly impact' on car insurance premiums

Drivers who live in west London will have seen no change to their car insurance premium costs. However, just down the road savings could be seen by motorists in London West-Central.

In London, your postcode seems to clearly have an impact on motorist's car insurance premiums. However, insurance premiums are at a low compared to this time last year and we would recommend that motorists take advantage of falling prices, rather than simply accepting their renewal price.

– Gemma Stanbury, Head of Car Insurance at


London hardest hit by car insurance ‘postcode lottery’

Parts of central London are still bucking a national trend of falling car insurance premiums. Figures show residents living at opposite ends of the same street could still receive vastly different premiums based on their postcode.

These figures, from show the changes in insurance premiums in the last three months, and the average cost of comprehensive car insurance premiums.

  • Central London: +1.1%, £1,035
  • East London: -2.1%, £1,346
  • North London: -2.1%, £1,118
  • North West London: -3.8%, £1,178
  • South East London: -3.0%, £987
  • South West London: -2.4%, £848
  • West London: 0.0%, £950
  • West Central London: -10.2%, £898

'Vast majority' of drivers with 12 points are disqualified

The vast majority of drivers who get 12 or more penalty points are fined and disqualified from driving.

Magistrates can use their discretion to not enforce a driving ban if doing so would cause exceptional hardship, such as losing a job or the ability to care for a dependant. A fine will still be enforced

Only a very small number of cases are affected by the data-sharing issue and we are working closely with DVLA to improve this.

– HM Courts & Tribunals Service


London motorist with 42 points on licence still driving

A motorist from west London with 42 points on her licence is still driving. Figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency show the points were all for failing to disclose the identity of the driver, between May 26 and December 21 last year.

The vast majority of drivers who get 12 or more penalty points are fined and disqualified from driving Credit: Press Association