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Intelligence helps in fight against foreign criminals

Many of the Operation Nexus's successes have come as a result of posting UK Border Agency officers in 21 custody suites across London.

This now allows UKBA to run real-time immigration checks on individuals bought into custody suites for a crime and establish if they are wanted abroad, have previous convictions abroad or are here illegally.

Nexus also provides UKBA and police with additional tactics.

The sharing of intelligence now supports the removal of cases where previous charges have been dropped due to victims or witnesses refusing to cooperate with police due to intimidation or fear of retaliation.

Foreign criminals being deported

The UK Border Agency and the Met are deporting London's most prolific foreign offenders Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Police will today give an update on Operation Nexus, which concerns the deportation of foreign nationals responsible for serious crimes.

A joint operation between the UK Border Agency and the Metropolitan Police Service, 165 of London's most prolific foreign national offenders have been removed since September.

Police intelligence shows 27% of all those arrested for a criminal offence in London were foreign nationals.

Some of London's most notorious criminals have been deported, including one of the city's top 25 gang members and a violent sex-offender.