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Olympics "shook off boxing's macho image"

Sarah Trevett from Miguel's Boxing and Fitness Gym says they've seen a massive surge in interest from female customers:

"The old macho image of boxing has been shaken during 2012, with Nicola Adams winning the first women's boxing gold medal for Team GB in the Olympics.....Around half of the trainers on the team are women, and there are two women-focused fitness classes a week. Even when classes aren't exclusively female orientated, women are constantly active at the gym, whether involved in personal training sessions, classes or working out on the bags and the gym by themselves."


Olympians back new project

A project which uses boxing to help young Londoners avoid a life of crime and violence, is showcasing its work tonight. The project's called "Fight For Peace", and it's getting its message across with the help of two of London 20-12's Olympic gold medallists.

Anthony Joshua -- the super-heavyweght champion from Watford. And Nicola Adams, who trained at a London gym before becoming the first woman to win an Olympic boxing gold medal.They're joining us from the project's academy in Woolwich..