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TfL spokesman: passengers should walk instead

A TfL spokesman claims it's easy enough for passengers to rethink their journeys to avoid the Northern Line during rush hour:

"For example, if you get the Tube at Clapham North to Stockwell just to transfer to the Victoria Line maybe you could instead walk as it would only take 10 minutes.

"Or could you start your journey 10 minutes earlier to avoid the crowds?"

– Transport for London spokesman

TfL: Avoid the Northern Line - it's too busy

Rush hour commuters are being asked not to get on the Northern Line between Tooting Bec and Clapham North - because TfL say it's just too busy.

Rush hour commuters squeeze into a crowded tube

The pilot project, which starts on Monday, will see TfL offering advice on alternative routes and asking commuters to walk or cycle instead of boarding trains on the line between 0800 and 0845 on weekday mornings.

The scheme follows similar tactics adopted during the Olympics to reduce overcrowding.


RMT challenges Underground to release CCTV

In response to the London Underground statement, an RMT spokesman told ITV London:

"We dispute all of that. It was the automatic operating system that allowed the train onto the track, the incident happened just north of Finchley.

Witnesses say that the trains were at a maximum 200 metres apart and yes the drivers did see each other's vehicles, RMT confirms that.

The driver received a breaking warning signal in the cab...but it was the driver himself who then had to reverse the train back into the station.

We believe that there is also CCTV of the incident and we are challenging London Underground to release that and to agree to a full external investigation."

Underground accuses union of irresponsible 'scaremongering'

"Totally irresponsible of the RMT to scaremonger in this way" says London Underground Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nigel Holness, London Underground’s Operation Director, said:

“It is totally irresponsible of the RMT leadership to attempt to scaremonger in this way.

There was no risk to staff or customers, the signaller ordered the train to come to a halt as it was departing Finchley Central station and when it was around 1 kilometre away from Mill Hill East, and well clear of the single track section of the Mill Hill East branch.

However the signalling would have also prevented it travelling onto the single track.

We are of course looking closely at the incident to ensure that our processes are working and being followed correctly, but we have an excellent safety record and we would never compromise the safety of our staff and customers.”

Urgent investigation needed

Labour London Assembly Transport spokeswoman Val Shawcross Credit:

Labour London Assembly Transport spokeswoman Val Shawcross said:

“We need anurgent investigation into how such a serious breach of safety could ever happenon the Underground. We need to understand what went wrong to stop it happeningagain.

It looks like the quick actions of a train driver averted disaster and they should be commended for their response.

TfL need to conduct an immediate investigation to make sure the line is safe, and we need a thorough investigation by the independent Rail Accident investigation Branch to identify any longer term problems.

The Mayor and Transport for London need to come clean about how this could possibly happen and what steps they will take in the future.

With a 12.5% cut to TfL’s budget from the government coming soon we need to know that the Tube can be operated safely and not put passengers in harm’s way.”

Both trains were carrying passengers says union

RMT union says incident exposes the lethal nonsense of driverless operation. Credit: Clive Gee/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The RMT union claimed the incident took place on Monday evening when a train pulling out of Finchley Central was asked to put on the emergency brake shortly before seeing a train approaching on the single track lane from Mill Hill East station.

The union said in a statement:

"Tube union RMT demanded urgent answers from London Underground chiefs today over massive breaches of safety that enabled two trains to end up narrowly avoiding a head on collision on a section of the Northern Line on Monday evening.

In the shocking incident on Monday, which reinforces RMT’s claims that a cuts and targets led culture on London Underground is compromising safety and which also exposes the lethal nonsense of driverless operation...

...a train out of Finchley Central was given a target speed to proceed out of the station and after approximately 2 train lengths was asked to apply an emergency brake.

Upon doing this the train operator became aware of a train approaching from Mill Hill which is a single track line.

The driver was forced to take emergency action and to reverse and move back to Finchley Central, avoiding a potential head on collision with the train heading south on the same section of track.

Both trains were in service and carrying passengers and it was only due to the swift action of the driver that a potentially fatal head on collision was avoided.


Businesses to benefit from extension

Transport for London have insisted that both residents and businesses in south London will benefit from the extension of the Northern line, despite protests from dog walkers.

Michele Dix, Managing Director for Planning at Transport for London, said:

“Our proposed new Northern line extension for south London would create tube access for thousands of people and help support up to 25,000 jobs and 16,000 new homes in the Vauxhall and Nine Elms area."There will be no permanent loss of park space in Kennington Park

During construction the existing dog walking area will be temporarily relocated to another area of the park. “

"Local residents in Kennington will benefit from an improved park area and a new community building. "

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