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Lord Coe faces questions from London Assembly

Olympics boss Lord Coe prepares to face questions from the London Assembly.

Although London 2012 was hailed a success, this week the organisers of the Games will face tough questions about what they did right, and what they got wrong.

Lord Coe's appearance before the London Assembly comes after criticism about how tickets were allocated this summer.

He will be under pressure to defend his organisation.

He is also likely to be quizzed about the unresolved future of the Olympic stadium.

Watch our Political Correspondent Simon Harris's report.

Olympic medal investigation 'still active'

Police have stressed that their investigation into the disappearance of two Olympic medals is still ongoing.

One of the medals has been returned anonymously, while a TeamGB jacket has also been handed into a police station.

However, the other jacket and medal taken from a nightclub in Mayfair are still missing.

"We are still looking to recover the second medal, and we stress that our inquiries remain active.

"Our appeals for information stand and I take this opportunity to reiterate them -if the public can help we ask them to do so.

"Alex's medal has yet to be traced, and he is understandably keen to be reunited with it as soon as possible."

– DCI James Harman, Westminster CID

Olympian speaks of 'relief' at medal's return

"I’m extremely pleased to have been reunited with my medal. It’s a huge relief. I’m enormously grateful to the Metropolitan Police and in particular to DCI James Harman who has kept me informed of their investigation throughout.

“I am indebted to everyone who has tweeted about it, everyone who has got in touch and who has publicised the situation. I can’t thank you enough. I think all of you played a part in encouraging whoever had my medal to return it.

“Given the huge impact the Olympic Games has had on London and the UK I always held hope that it would be returned but it’s still incredible to know now I have my medal back. People understand how much these medals mean to the athletes and those in the communities who have played their part in supporting us.

“I’m conscious that the police investigation is still ongoing and that Alex Partridge’s medal is yet to be returned and I urge whoever has it to return it too.

“Once again, I’d like thank everyone who has played a part.”

– Olympic hockey medallist Hannah Macleod


'Olympians desperate to be reunited with medals'

I would appeal to anyone who was in the venue in the early hours of Wednesday and saw anything suspicious to contact us - any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could prove vital to this investigation.

My team have spoken to both Olympians who are understandably desperate to be reunited with the medals they have dedicated their careers to win.

– Detective Chief Inspector James Harman

Police appeal after Olympic medals stolen

Police are appealing for information after the alleged theft of two Olympic Bronze medals from Mahiki Nightclub, W1 in the early hours of Wednesday, 24th October.

On both occasions, the victims, one man and one woman, - both Olympic athletes at this year's Games - had left their jackets unattended whilst at the venue. Some time later both parties realised their jacket, and the medals inside them, were gone.

The jacket belonging to the man, but not containing the medal, was handed into a northwest London police station.

Inquiries continue to try and trace both medals and the jacket.

Detectives from Westminster CID are investigating both incidents and are currently looking at CCTV from the venue.

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