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Youngest heart implant patient recovering from transplant

A one-year-old baby is recovering from a heart transplant at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The family of Carina Marcangelo say she is in a critical condition following surgery on Sunday but making steady progress.

Carina's family say she is in a critical condition but is making steady recovery

Carina had a disease which damages the heart and became the youngest person in Britain to be fitted with a mini-defibrillator.

Carina has cardiomyopathy which damages the heart. She spent her first birthday completely sedated on life support at the Royal Brompton as she awaited a donor organ.

Carina, became the youngest child to be fitted with a mini defibrillator (ICD) in her chest in November

She became the youngest child to be fitted with a mini defibrillator (ICD) in her chest in November at just 9 months old. The device gave her heart a shock if its rhythm worsened.

Carina could only receive a heart from a one-year-old to a small five-year-old. The average waiting time for a heart is around 3 months.


Transplant patient talks less than 24 hours after receiving kidney

ITV's From The Heart campaign is trying to encourage more people to sign up to the organ donor register and ultimately, help save lives.

ITV News London has today had exclusive access to the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, where around 80 transplants are carried out each year, and a very special one happened just last night.

Ria Chatterjee has spent the day at that hospital.


How to join the 'From the Heart' campaign and become an organ donor

ITV's 'From the Heart' campaign encourages the public to sign up to the organ donor register to help patients currently waiting for a donation. You can find out how to join the register by clicking here:

ITV's 'From the Heart Campaign'

Why join the register? There are more people who have signed up than you might think.

In London and its surrounding regions, there are 4.3million people on the list but, they are always in need of more to increase the chances of helping the 2,000 patients waiting for a transplant.

There are 2,000 people currently waiting for an organ.

Whilst great work is being done and live are being saved, there are still people dying. Last year from April to January, 864 patients got the organ they needed. Sadly it was not enough for some and over 60 people died whilst waiting.

Over 60 people died whilst waiting for an organ.
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