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Scaffolding collapses onto double decker bus in Peckham

A double-decker bus was hit by falling scaffolding in Peckham High Street today. The scaffolding struck the number 345 shortly after 11am. No one was injured.

At around 11am this morning some scaffolding collapsed on a route 345 bus as it was driving down Peckham High St, at the junction with Basingcourt.

The bus was in service at the time and there have been no reports of injuries. We will work with the emergency services who will be investigating this incident.

– Transport for London


Peckham man jailed for 7 years for rape

A man who attacked and raped a woman in the street has been jailed for seven years at Woolwich Crown Court today.

Steven Dunne from Peckham pleaded guilty in March to one count of rape and one count of robbery following the attack last November.

Stephen Dunne was sentenced to 7 years in prison Credit: Met Police

The victim, a 27-year-old woman, was walking to work along Surrey Quays Road when she realised she was being followed. Dunne suddenly rushed at the woman and grabbed her, forcing her into nearby bushes where he assaulted her and robbed her of cash. He also threatened to kill her during the ordeal.

PC Carol Day who led the investigation said:

"Steven Dunne committed a violent and terrifying rape on a woman walking to her workplace in the early hours of the morning. The victim in this case was traumatised by the attack, but with support has found the determination to see her attacker sent to prison for a long time."


Man jailed for raping two students

The 40 year old will sign the Sex Offenders' Register for life.

A man who tricked two Chinese students into believing they were viewing a room at his flat so he could sexually assault them has been jailed for 8 years.

Li Hao from Peckham placed an advert on an internet site claiming he had a room to rent. He imprisoned his victims in December 2012 by threatening them with a meat cleaver.

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Harman: I have fought for 30 years against these people

"I have been in public life for 30 years and all of those years have been about protecting the vulnerable, protecting women and children," Harriet Harman insisted today.

"That's why I find it so unfair and offensive that the Daily Mail should put smear and innuendo on me as if somehow I supported those people that all my public life I've been fighting against.

"I think they are wrong to be doing that and that's why I'm speaking out."

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Harman 'won't take decency lessons from Daily Mail'

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman hit out at the Daily Mail newspaper today, after they attempted to "smear" her "by way of guilt of association" over the affiliation between a group she worked with in the 1970s and their links to a paedophile rights group. Writing on Twitter, she said:

When it comes to decency and sexualisation of children, would you take lessons from the Daily Mail?

The Camberwell and Peckham MP posted a picture of a Daily Mail article based around pictures of teen television personality Courtney Stodden photographed in her bikini as a 12-year-old child.

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