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Exhibitions opens with unseen photos of Princess Diana

A new exhibition opens today featuring previously unseen photos of Princess Diana.

A young Lady Diana Spencer Credit: Cork Street Gathering
The pictures show a young Diana before she became world famous Credit: Cork Street Gathering

The Cork Street Gathering in Mayfair will feature pictures of a young Lady Diana Spencer at the Pimlico nursery where she used to work.

Lady Diana spent time working at a Pimlico nursery Credit: Cork Street Gathering

The pictures were taken by photographer John Minihan just as Lady Diana's budding relationship with Prince Charles was exposed in the media- marking a turning point for her future life in the spotlight.

The exhibition is held at 27 Cork Street and is free entry.

Continued mystery over death 'adds to family's grief'

The family of Gareth Williams, who was found dead in a holdall, have said the unknown circumstances of his death "adds to their grief".

Police said it had concluded that spy Gareth Williams probably died alone in an accident, but admitted there was no evidence to establish the circumstances of his death "beyond all reasonable doubt".

Mr Williams was found in the bag in the bath at his flat in Pimlico, central London, in August 2010. Credit: PA

The family statement read: "We are naturally disappointed that it is still not possible to state with certainty how Gareth died and the fact that the circumstances of his death are still unknown adds to our grief.

"We consider that on the basis of the facts known at present the Coroner's verdict accurately reflects the circumstances of Gareth's death. "

The family said they remain disappointed that Gareth William's employers at MI6 failed to make inquiries into his welfare when he failed to attend work in the days before his body was found.

Family of spy 'disappointed' over Met's conclusion

The family of Gareth Williams's family said they were "naturally disappointed" by the conclusions of the Met Police, and said they still believe he was killed.

CCTV image of Gareth Williams from 2010

Gareth Williams was found in a bag in the bath at his flat in Pimlico in 2010. Pathologists said he would have suffocated within three minutes if he was alive when he got inside the holdall. None of his DNA was found on the lock on the bag and his palm prints were not found on the rim of the bath.


Spy whose body was found in bag 'probably died alone'

Spy Gareth Williams, whose body was found in a holdall in Pimlico, probably died alone in an accident. Met Police said today they disagree with the conclusion of a coroner last year that the codebreaker was probably killed unlawfully.

Gareth Williams seen at Holland Park Tube station on August 14 2010 Credit: Met Police

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said: "With the conclusion of the investigation, the Metropolitan Police's position is that, on balance, it is a more probable conclusion that there was no other person present when Gareth died.

"But the reality is that for both hypotheses there exist evidential contradictions and gaps in our understanding."

New headteacher Pimlico Primary already appointed

The full message on the school's website from Dr J J Saxton, director of education at Future Academies, said:

I am writing to let you know that having successfully set up and opened Pimlico Primary, Annaliese Briggs has decided to leave Future Academies to pursue other opportunities within primary education.

A new principal of Pimlico Primary has been appointed. Coming from within the group, our new principal is already known to you and your children, and brings over 10 years experience in both early years and leadership.

We are delighted that Annaliese will continue to support Pimlico Primary as it grows by becoming a governor.

Headteacher leaves weeks after school's launch

Annaliese Briggs used to work on education reform and the curriculum for the Civitas think tank, and studied English at Queen Mary, University of London. She was controversially appointed as head of the central London school in March.

  • It is believed that at the time she had no formal teaching qualifications, but spent time working in primary schools in Wandsworth
  • Pimlico Primary, which began admitting pupils for the first time last month, is sponsored by Future, a charity set up by Lord Nash - a minister in the Dept for Education
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