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Rapist jailed after getting 12-year-old girl drunk and attacking her behind a garage

A rapist who attacked a 12-year-old girl behind a garage in south London has been jailed for six years. 26-year-old Peter Kyle Nash met his young victim along with her 14-year-old friend at a petrol station in Plumstead in May. He lured them into his car, got them drunk and drove to a secluded area.

Peter Kyle Nash Credit: Metropolitan Police

After the attack, Nash left both girls on the side of the road where they were sick. A member of the public found them the following morning. Detective Constable Anna Ambros said:

"Peter Kyle Nash exploited a vulnerable 12 year girl, who along with her family have been left greatly affected by what happened.

"Her determination to see him brought to justice must be commended and I hope Nash’s lengthy prison term will give other victims the courage to come forward and report their experiences to the police, so that it can be investigated by specially trained officers."

Teenage girl, who calls herself 'Matthew', goes missing

A 16-year-old girl - who sometimes refers to herself as 'Matthew' - has gone missing in South London. Aphrael Heightley was last seen on Tuesday morning leaving her home in Plumstead.

Aphrael Heightley, who sometimes calls herself 'Matthew' Credit: Metropolitan Police

Aphrael has short black hair and has two piercings on her lips. She may also be wearing her black thick rimmed glasses. Police say she is known to travel across the country and has she has previously been to Derbyshire, Kent and Leicestershire as well as a number of locations across London.

Any information to the Missing Person Unit at Greenwich on 101.


Man jailed for raping 17 year old girl who befriended him

A man has been jailed for raping a seventeen year old girl after tricking her into befriending him.

Opeoluwa David met his victim in Thamesmead in July, telling her he hadn't been in the UK for long and was looking to make new friends.

Opeoluwa David attacked his victim after gaining her trust Credit: Metropolitan Police

After the victim agreed to swap numbers with him he messaged her a number of times - both as himself and as a made-up friend called 'Becky', who he created to gain his victim's trust.

When she agreed to meet up he took her back to his bedsit in Plumstead and attacked her.

David was convicted of rape and sentenced to seven years in prison.

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