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#Potholes: your comments

Tell us where the worst offenders are in your area - and tweet your pictures to @itvlondon or on our Facebook page.


@itvlondon All very well spending £6m on #potholes, clearly not enough, more so for us cyclists, constantly dodging them!


@itvlondon @martinstewitv ask lewisham council they go round chucking bits of Tarmac in their potholes all the time #potholecity

Wandsworth repaired nearly 10,000 potholes last year

Workmen repairing potholes in Tooting today Credit: ITN

Potholes in Wandsworth have cost the council more than £721,000 in repairs last year. There were 256 pothole related injuries and £22,451 paid out in compensation, while workmen in Wandsworth repaired 9,888 potholes last year.

Workmen in Wandsworth repaired 9,888 potholes last year Credit: ITN


#Potholes: your stories


Nice one @itvlondon for investigating the #potholes problem. I take longer cycle route on better surfaced roads to avoid injury/ bike damage


@itvlondon you will be hard pressed to find worse than Camberwell Rd/Walworth Rd btw. Bowyer Place and Fielding Street. #potholes


@itvlondon My mechanic said I am looking at a minimum £250 bill to repair damage done by Potholes in Croydon and Sutton to my Motorbike :(

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