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Calls for post-riots Tottenham task force in report

Five gang members jailed over riots

Five more members of two gangs who put aside their rivalry to cause havoc during the London riots, have been found guilty today of violent disorder.

21 people have now been convicted after two nights of violence in August 2011.

As Ronke Phillips reports, the gangs rampaged through parts of North West London.


Response to riots 'led to more gang violence'

A report by the Centre for Social Justice says the arrests of more than 200 leaders of London street gangs in the wake of last year's riots has led to an increase in chaos, violence and anarchy in the capital.

It says the removal of 'elders' from the streets backfired because it created a power vacuum in which younger and more hot-headed members seized control of gangs.

London riots Credit: Press Association

Police officer: Duggan "was holding gun"

Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed officers in August 2011. Credit: Metropolitan Police

A police officer has said he saw Mark Duggan was holding a gun when he was killed by armed officers in August last year. The officer, known as W70, told a court that Mr Duggan "was holding a self-loading pistol or a handgun" just before he was shot dead in Tottenham.

W70 was giving evidence at the trial of Kevin Hutchinson-Foster who is accused of supplying the gun to Mr Duggan. He said that as Mr Duggan pulled the gun out of his jacket, two shots were fired by police.

The aftermath of the shooting led to protests on the streets of Tottenham which then triggered the London riots. Mr Hutchinson-Foster denies "selling or transferring a prohibited firearm".

Charles in visit to scene of riot

The Prince of Wales will return today to a community badly hit by the riots which rocked London and other cities last year.

Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Croydon, south London, one of the riot-torn areas they visited last year to view the devastation caused by the lawlessness.

They will meet shopkeepers, residents, faith leaders and students to find out how things stand a year later.

Some of the most evocative images of the unrest were of historic furniture shop House of Reeves in Croydon, which was razed by a massive fire, having stood on the site for more than 140 years.


  1. Ronke Phillips

Prosecution wants to know if Duggan's gun ready to be fired

The prosecution wants to know if the gun was ready to fire or not. The police officer sent out with the exhibit is to examine it more closely. He recalled and confirmed the safety catch was off but the gun was not ready to be fired - two hands would be needed to fire it.

Under cross examination the Pc agreed there was "no way the gun was in any condition to be fired straight away".

  1. Ronke Phillips

Third police officer asked about Duggan's gun

The third police officer said he removed the magazine and that is when he found the casing. He handed the ammunition and the magazine to the ballistics officer. He checked the weapon barrel and chamber for more bullets but did not find any. The evidence was then secured in ballistics bags.

The jury is now looking at evidence bags containing the gun and magazine from the scene. The Pc said the slide of the gun was in the forward position but could not say if it was ready to fire. He said the slide would have to be pulled back to pick up the cartridge and then the trigger pulled.

Under cross examination the Pc agreed you would need two hands to fire the gun. The prosecution wants to know if the gun was ready to fire or not. He is sent out with the exhibit but will be recalled.

  1. Ronke Phillips

Three Pcs at scene 'made statements together'

The second police officer called to the scene after Duggan's shooting took the stand. He confirmed that an evidence box was put over the gun. He agreed that he collaborated with other officers to "refresh" his memory while making a statement.

He agreed that all three Pcs at the scene went over events together as they made their statements together. Then a third police officer took the stand. He was attached to Specialist Firearms Command at the time. It was his job to "make safe firearms".

This police officer described the gun inside the sock as being torn in at least two places to reveal parts of the weapon. He removed the weapon from the sock and checked it. He said the magazine was in the handle of the gun.

  1. Ronke Phillips

Pc admits delay in statement after Duggan incident

Under cross examination a police officer agreed the Duggan incident was a source of "considerable chat" at his police station. He agreed he was asked not to make a statement immediately about the incident by a senior officer.

The police officer in question denies a delay in making a statement was to allow him to speak to other officers involved in the incident.

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