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RNLI 'Mayday' appeal

RNLI lifeboat crews in the capital have saved 420 lives since they began operating on the River Thames.

Its national fundraising campaign 'Mayday' kick's off in the capital today with fundraisers collecting at stations throughout the capital.


Watch as two young rowers are rescued from Thames

The RNLI have released video of two young rowers being rescued from the River Thames after their boat capsized. The youngsters managed to climb aboard their coach's boat, only to find the engine had failed.

The incident happened on Thursday, luckily no one required medical attention.

t was important that we were able to use the speed of the lifeboat to reach the young rowers quickly, as they were soaked through and getting colder by the minute in the strong easterly wind.’

– Glen Monroe, Chiswick RNLI

Have-a-go hero plunges into the Thames near the London Eye after seeing man jump from a bridge

A have-a-go hero plunged into the River Thames this morning to help a man, who moments earlier, jumped from a bridge. An RNLI crew was called to the London Eye where rescuers found two men in the water at around 7am. One had jumped from the pedestrian footpath alongside Charing Cross rail bridge.

Ben Corr, a 36 year old statistician, had been running to work on the South Bank when he was flagged down by a woman. He said:

"The lady was quite shaken up – she was pointing to a man in the river and said she’d just seen him jump from the bridge. She was clutching a life ring but wanted some help in throwing it out to him.

"I did try but he was quite far out and the ring missed him. He was just flailing in the water. At first I held back because I know the emergency services always advise the public not to enter the water in times like that, in case they get into danger as well.

"But after a moment I decided I had to – so I climbed down onto the foreshore, entered the river, and swam across to him."


Stunning London red sky captured by lifeboat worker

A stunning image of London's red morning sky has been captured by London's lifeboat service.

A lifeboat helmsman took the image at the end of his night shift, Tower RNLI said.

A misty image of Tower Bridge taken last week by the lifeboat service has been retweeted over 29,000 times.

RNLI: Incident is a life saved

"This incident has been recorded as a life saved as there were no other boats in the area at the time and I don’t think anyone was actually aware he was in the water.

He was incredibly fortunate in that respect.

We still don’t know how he came to be in the water but due to an unusual twist of fate we managed to avoid one more fatality on the River Thames last night.

That first person who was threatening to jump from London Bridge probably has no idea that, all things considered, he saved another man’s life."

– Toni Scarr, volunteer lifeboat crew member for Tower RNLI
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