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More than 1,000 people attend postcard sale

Art lovers have been taking the chance to buy artworks by some of the country's top creative names for just £45. Credit: ITN
More than 1,000 bargain hunters have now visited the sale at the Royal College of Art in Battersea. Credit: ITN
The sale consists of 2,700 post-card size artworks, including work by Julian Opie, Paula Rego, David Bailey, Sir Paul Smith and Nick Park. Credit: ITN

College 'thrilled' with postcard selection

We're thrilled with the number and quality of postcards that have been sent to us this year.

The breadth of artistic styles make a visually stunning exhibition, with contributions by artists and designers from all walks of life displayed next to each other.

At a time when arts education funding is being cut we're even more grateful for this support, with donations helping the next generation of artists coming through the college.

– Wilhelmina Bunn, RCA Secret curator


Weather fails to deter art lovers

Hundreds of art lovers braved snow and freezing temperatures this morning for the chance to buy artworks by some of the country's top creative names for just £45.

Buyers will aim to spot work by famous artists amongst 2,700 designs. Credit: Royal College of Art

Some had been camping outside the Royal College of Art (RCA) since Tuesday for the Secret Postcard Sale, which features miniature works by designer Sir Paul Smith, Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park and artist Julian Opie.

An RCA spokeswoman counted 50 tents outside the site at Battersea, south-west London, as of last night, and said there were at least 300 people queueing when the doors opened at 7am today.

But even those at the front were taking something of a gamble on getting their hands on a famous artist's work as the designs are all anonymous, with signatures on the back only being revealed after purchase.

Film director Mike Leigh, Stone Roses guitarist John Squire and inventor Sir James Dyson also donated works to the sale. Credit: Dyson

This is the 20th year of the RCA sale, and organisers hope it will raise more than £120,000 for a fund to support emerging artists.

The event has already made more than £1 million for artists' grants and bursaries since it was established.

Artists who have previously given works to the sale include Yoko Ono, Anish Kapoor and Tracey Emin.

The exhibition was the brainchild of a student at the art college in 1994.

Secret postcard sale today

Art lovers are expected to be queuing round the block today for a chance to buy an original work by a famous artist- albeit a rather small one.

The Royal College of Art's sale of postcards is an annual fundraising event now in its 20th year.

The secret part of the sale is that the creators' of the postcards remain anonymous until they are bought and the signature is revealed on the back.

This year's sale includes pieces by Julian Opie, Paula Rego, David Bailey, Sir Paul Smith and Nick Park.

Postcard art sale

This woman has a zebra head mask on... but can you tell who's idea it was? Credit: Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art is holding its annual secret postcard sale in ten days time at its centre in Battersea. Hundreds of postcard-sized artworks are up for sale but buyers won't know who the artist is until they buy one and then check the signature on the back.

Does this piece look like the work of anyone famous? Credit: Royal College of Art
Was this painting done by a famous hand? Credit: Royal College of Art
Lots of pink but is it worth anything? Credit: Royal College of Art
This colourful design appears quite simple but whose signature is on the back? Credit: Royal College of Art
A potential buyer looks at the postcards on display. Credit: Royal College of Art
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