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RCN: NHS in London 'sleepwalking into nursing crisis'

The Royal College of Nursing has warned that the NHS in London is "sleepwalking into a nursing crisis".

The RCN says that cuts to staffing numbers will damage patient care.

According to their figures, 28,000 jobs have been cut from the NHS in England over the last two years and a further 32,000 jobs are at risk.

They are particularly concerned about cuts to the number of nurses being trained up in London.

Places have fallen by 21 per cent over the last year - a much steeper drop than the rest of the country.

RCN: 'NHS is sleepwalking into a nursing crisis'

The RCN believes that the NHS is sleepwalking into a nursing crisis in England that is drawing closer as the size of the cuts increase.

If the Government continues on its current path it will find itself stranded in a perfect storm of an ageing population with increasing healthcare demands, but without the adequate nursing workforce to deal with it.

– Report from Royal College of Nursing's Frontline First campaign


Warnings of nursing crisis in NHS

More than 30,000 NHS jobs are at risk of being cut, the Royal College of Nursing has said.

Since the coalition came to power in May 2010, the NHS workforce in England has decreased by 28,500 posts, and a further 32,700 jobs are at risk, the RCN said.

Between May 2010 and July this year, the number of qualified nurses working for the health service reduced by more than 6,000.

The RCN warned that the NHS is "sleepwalking into a crisis", saying that reduction of staff comes as there is a soaring demand for care.

The ageing population and the increasing number of people living with long-term conditions mean that demand for services continues to rise.