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'Relative lack of side effects' from new cancer drug

A hi-tech prostate cancer drug that offers hope to men who have run out of treatment options became available in the UK today.

Enzalutamide is licensed for patients with advanced prostate cancer who are no longer responding to hormone treatments or chemotherapy.

What to expect from the new drug:

  • The new pill will cost around £2,500 a month.
  • It can extend the lives of patients no longer being treated by almost five months.
  • Seven out of 10 of the men in the Phase III Affirm trial taking enzalutamide were still alive after one year.
  • It has a relative lack of side effects.
  • The drug known as Xtandi, blocks molecular signals that allow the male hormone testosterone to fuel prostate cancer.
  • It targets three different steps of the signalling pathway.

New prostate drug developed in London

A new treatment for prostate cancer developed and trialled in London has been licensed for use.

Enzalutamide was developed by researchers at the Royal Marsden and University College London hospitals.

The one a day pill checks the spread of the cancer.

Reseachers say the most exciting aspect of this new drug is that is has very few side effects- unlike many cancer treatements.


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