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Lifelong explorer Sir David Attenborough names London his favourite place in the world

Though he's been to practically every corner of the world, there is still no place on Earth Sir David Attenborough would rather be than at home in the capital.

Sir David attends an awards ceremony in his favourite city in the world in 2009 Credit: Reuters

Speaking to TimeOut ahead of next week's edition, he said that London, and specifically his home town of Richmond, was his "favourite place by a long way".

Explaining why he loves the capital so much, he said "it's got everything you want really."

"The climate suits me, and London has the greatest serious music that you can hear any day of the week in the world - you think it's going to be Vienna or Paris or somewhere, but if you go to Vienna or Paris and say, 'Let's hear some good music', there isn't any.

"London has fine museums, the British Library is one of the greatest library institutions in the world"

Attenborough opens wildlife park

Sir David Attenborough is known world wide for his passion for nature. Credit: PA

A former landfill site full of decades-worth of rubbish from London has been transformed into a haven for rare bees, birds and reptiles, the Wildlife Trusts said.

Sir David Attenborough is officially opening Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, a 120-acre site on top of 50 years of waste from six London boroughs which has been restored to grasslands, woodland, ponds and reedbeds.

The scheme, one of the Wildlife Trusts' largest restoration projects, will eventually expand to cover 845 acres, around twice the size of London's Regent's Park, sitting on a "pie-crust" up to 30 metres deep which covers the landfill site.

The site on the north bank of the Thames Estuary, which has been occupied since Stone Age times, is flanked by a creek and overlooks coastal marshes which are home to thousands of wading birds, especially in autumn and winter.