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Sir Steve Redgrave rows with youngsters at Eton Dorney

Sir Steve Redgrave rowing with Emma Walden. Credit: London Tonight

Sir Steve Redgrave delivers his verdict on the Olympics, just four days after the Victory Parade. The five-time consecutive Olympic gold medal champion is rowing with perhaps the next generation of sportsmen and women at Eton Dorney, scene of this summer's Olympic and Paralympic triumphs.

He will be with five youngsters - aged from 7 to 11 from all over the UK - who have won a unique rowing experience to row with Sir Steve at the venue for both of the Games rowing events.

Sir Steve Redgrave to light Olympic cauldron?

Tonight the cauldron takes centre stage, not the sport.

Earlier Boris wasn't giving anything away over who'll light it. As we reported last night, one bookmaker has stopped taking bets on Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile.

The other hot favourite is Sir Steve Redgrave.

So, when he spoke to our reporter Phil Bayles, did he give anything away?