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'Mother and son' killed after being hit by train

Whilst we have yet to formally identify the deceased we can confirm we believe the woman was 48 and the child was a boy aged 10. Both were local to the area and we believe they were mother and son. The incident is still bring treated as suspicious although officers do not believe there was any third party involvement at the station.

– British Transport Police


Child hit by train at Slough 'was aged under 10 years'

Police say the child was aged under 10 years. A passenger who said he was on board the 08.41 train from Bedwyn to Paddington said the driver apologised to everyone on board after his train struck the pair.

Forensic officers work on the tracks at Slough Credit: PA
Forensic officers work on the tracks at Slough Credit: PA

'Possible murder-suicide' at Slough railway station

British Transport Police say a possible murder-suicide is:

... one of the lines of inquiry that our officers will be pursuing but we must not speculate.

– British Transport Police

Police have been searching the train tracks and studying CCTV at Slough, as well as speaking to a large number of witnesses, both on the train and on the platform.

Witness saw 'four or five police cars' arrive at Slough station

A taxi driver, who did not want to be named, was queuing outside the station when the two people were hit by a train.

I was just waiting for a job when I heard the sirens and saw about four or five police cars arrive but we didn't know it was this serious until the station was closed and everyone was forced to leave. It's terrible what has happened, we can't believe it.

We've heard a lot of different things but we don't know what has really happened.

– Taxi driver


Passenger hears 'loud bang' as train comes to a stop

One of the passengers on the train told ITV News:

We went through Slough, there was a loud bang and the train came to a stop. Police officers have classed the train as a crime scene and are currently taking photos of evidence.

– Passenger
British Transport Police at the scene of the deaths in Slough Credit: ITV News
British Transport Police remove evidence from the scene Credit: ITV News
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