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Driver who stopped for 7 seconds at crossing is fined

A driver who stopped his van at a zebra crossing for 7 seconds to let his son get out has been hit with a £35 fine. Graham Wilkinson was caught by a council CCTV camera outside Shoeburyness High School in Essex.

Zebra crossing in Shoebury in Essex where Graham Wilkinson was fined Credit: Google Street View

Graham's 12-year-old son, Joel is a pupil at the school. His brief stop also allowed other children to get across the road safely. Speaking to the Southend Echo he said:

"It's a ludicrous decision. It's not like I have parked up and got out. I even spoke to a police officer to see if I was breaking some road traffic law, but they said I wasn't.

"You can clearly see the kids walking across. I couldn't have driven on, even if I'd have wanted to, and I wasn't holding anyone up."

Unidentified man 'must be someone's father or son'

This man must be someone's father, son, brother, uncle, nephew or cousin. It is vital that we can bring closure to his family and inform them as soon as possible.

We have been working closely with the UK Missing Persons Bureau as part of our enquiries to resolve this case and hope that this anniversary will bring to light further information which would assist us greatly in this investigation.

– Detective Constable Tony Gittins, British Transport Police

Mystery of man found by railway tracks 13 years ago

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man found by railway tracks 13 years ago. A body was found between Southend East and Southend Central in Essex on Wednesday, 15 November 2000 after officers were alerted by a train driver. A post-mortem failed to establish the cause of death.

Artist's impression of man found by railway tracks Credit: British Transport Police


'Shipping Container' beach huts make waves in Essex.

A row of new beach huts has been making waves on the Essex coast.

Made out of recycled timber from Southend Pier, the eight cabins in Shoeburyness have been criticised by some locals for resembling shipping containers.

Leased by the council at a cost of 20 thousand pounds each, there's concern that the amount of seafront open to the public is disappearing. Luke Farrington reports.

'No criminal activity' after disabled woman rail fall

Police have found no evidence of criminal activity after a pensioner in a wheelchair fell onto railway tracks in at Southend Central station.

The suspended rail worker has now been reinstated Credit: Press Association

A railway worker was suspended after helping rescue the disabled woman. The member of station staff along with three other people hauled the wheelchair-bound woman, in her 70s to safety.

Worker's duty 'was to ensure trains were stopped'

A c2c company spokesman has said a railway worker's immediate duty was to stop trains, rather than going to the aid of passengers. It comes after a hearing, which reinstated the employee. He'd been suspended after jumping onto the tracks to save a disabled woman who'd fallen.

"While the employee helped members of the public to remove the passenger from the track, he accepted his immediate duty was to ensure all trains were stopped.

"This is to protect the safety of all involved, including those who were already on the track aiding the passenger."

– c2c spokesperson
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