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Teenager stabbed to death in Southwark

A 18 year old has died after being stabbed in the street in Southwark this afternoon.

Emergency services were called to Pilgrimage Street around 2.30pm, but the man died at the scene shortly after.

Police say they are still investigating the incident and no arrests have been made so far.

Cushion mistaken for homemade bomb in Southwark

Southwark Police responded to calls from the public about a 'suspicious object' left next to a Tube station this afternoon, fearing it could be a homemade bomb... only to discover it was a cushion.

The force said on Twitter:

They went on to encourage the public to keep reporting things of this nature, as real bombs might not be easy to spot:

And also left a small warning for anyone taking the matter too lightly...


Met Police 'objects' to 20mph speed limits in Southwark

Southwark to impose 20mph speed limit at end of July

Can you 'C' the mistake: Council misspells parking spot

Council workers left red-faced after misspelling the word 'vehicle' in this electric parking space Credit: SWNS

Council workers were left red-faced after misspelling the word 'vehicle' in an electric car parking space. The space, 100 yards from the Transport for London office on Blackfriars Road in Southwark, have been especially marked out for green cars so they can be charged.

Unfortunately, they have been marked out as "electric vechichles only". The error was spotted by Tim Clark who told the Metro: "It was only when I spotted this eye-catching Renault Twizy using it that I noticed the awful typo".


Women seen having tea in the middle of London Bridge

It's the most unlikely place to unwind to have a nice relaxing cup of tea. But despite the hundreds of tourists and relentless flow of traffic, two women dressed up and casually had a brew in the middle of London Bridge on Monday. No one's quite sure why they chose such a unique location.

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Arrest in Kent over 'homophobic' Vauxhall attack

Police have arrested a 31-year-old man in Kent over a suspected homophobic attack in which a clubber was sprayed in the face with bleach.

Police investigating an incident which took place in the early hours of Sunday, 8 June where three men were sprayed with a substance, thought to be ammonia arrested a 31-year-old man yesterday (Thursday, 12 Wednesday, 11 June) in Kent on suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm (GBH). He is currently in custody at a south London police station.

Clubber sprayed with bleach 'may lose his eyesight'

A clubber attacked with bleach in south London has been told by doctors he may never see again. Speaking to the Evening Standard, one of the victims, who has not been named said:

My face was burning so much, I thought it was acid. I thought I would never see again and my face was melting.

He poured every last drop onto us and then turned around and walked away, like it was mission accomplished.

The chemical burnt the cornea in my left eye and the vision hasn’t cleared since. The doctors said it should hopefully return but there is no guarantee.

My friend’s tongue was swollen and it looked like someone had scratched part of it away. It was horrible.

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