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Should this garage door be sold?

The work by the artist Stik on a garage door was in a street in Hackney. Credit: ITN

A Hackney garage door with a painting by the street artist Stik has been taken down and has been bought by art dealer Andrew Lamberty. The work known as 'London Riots' was painted in 2011 on the door of the garage which belongs to a vegan community cafe called Pogo.

The cafe wants the money to keep its community activites running. However, some art lovers have criticised the sale, saying the artwork was intended to be seen by people in the street, not going on display in a gallery.


Limited edition prints in Big Issue

Street artist, Stik, used to be homeless Credit: ITN

Using money he was paid by an ad agency for using one of his images in a campaign, Stik is distributing 75000 limited prints exclusively via random copies of the Big Issue that goes on sale on March 11th.

The four available pieces of art Credit: ITN

Formerly homeless himself, the artist wants people to talk to their local 'art dealers'; the Big Issue vendors.

Stik street art in Hoxton Credit: ITN

There are 4 different prints in total and they won't be available anywhere else.