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Bin Laden family believed to have died in private jet crash

Family members of Osama Bin Laden are believed to be among four people who died when a private jet crashed at a car auction site in Hampshire.

The Saudi-registered Phenom300 jet was attempting to land at Blackbushe Airport when it crashed on to dozens of cars and burst into flames.

Hampshire Police has tweeted a link to a statement translated by the Guardian by the Saudi ambassador to the UK on the embassy's Twitter account.

The translation of the statement said: "His royal highness Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz.... offered his condolences to the sons of the late Mohammed bin Laden and their relations for the grave incident of the crash of the plane carrying members of the family at Blackbushe airport".


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Pictures show final moments of doomed private jet

The Phenom 300 comes in to try to land at Blackbushe Airport. Credit: Geoff Pierce

ITV News has obtained pictures of a private jet moments before it crashed into a car auction site, killing all four people on board.

Plane spotter Geoff Pierce was photographing the Phenom 300 when it came in to land at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire.

He said the aircraft touched down around three-quarters of the way along the runway and was going too fast to stop.

Mr Pierce told ITV News: "There's a small embankment at the end of the runway and it careered over that and then carried on and ploughed into the parked cars and vehicles.

"Immediately there was towering black smoke coming up. It was almost surreal how it happened.

"It was going too fast to stop comfortably. We can only assume that the pilot had no choice other than to land it rather than take off and do another circuit."

Onlookers watch as a huge cloud of black smoke goes up in the air after the crash. Credit: Geoff Pierce
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Pilot and three passengers confirmed dead in jet crash

Four people - the pilot and three passengers - died when a private jet crash-landed into a car auction site and burst into flames at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire this afternoon, Hampshire Police has confirmed.

We can confirm that there were four people on board, including the pilot.

Sadly, there were no survivors. No one on the ground has been injured and we would urge anyone with any information, including pictures or videos, to contact 101.

– Acting chief inspector Olga Venner

Acting chief inspector Venner said police have launched a joint investigation with the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The airfield has been closed, police confirmed.

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Crash jet was Saudi registered private aircraft

The Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation has confirmed that the private jet involved in the crash was registered there.

Sources told the Press Association the jet had flown from Milan in Italy and was attempting to land at Blackbushe Airport.

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Crash plane is 'most delivered business jet in the world'

A Phenom 300 Jet, which the airport said was involved in the crash. Credit:

The type of aircraft believed to have been involved in a crash near Blackbushe Airport has been the most popular business jet in the world for the past two years.

Developed by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, there were 250 Phenom 300 jets in use around the world in March this year.

Described as a "truly revolutionary aircraft", 73 were delivered in 2014, making it the most delivered business jet in the world for the second year running, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association

The Phenom 300 can reached speeds of more than 500mph and hold six passengers.

According to the Aviation Safety Network this is the first fatal accident involving the aircraft.

The Phenom 300 can reached speeds of more than 500mph and hold six passengers. Credit:


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Crash eyewitness heard "massive" bang and explosion

The plane involved was believed to be a Phenom 300 jet with four people onboard. Credit: ITV News

One eyewitness to the plane crash at Blackbushe said he heard a "massive crunch and bang" before there was a big explosion at the site.

James Sear, who was around 300 yards away when the crash happened, told ITV News: "We saw a big explosion and big plumes of smoke.

"You couldn't see much, the smoke was so thick.

"It was just a massive great fire in the middle of the car auction and you could see a mark where the plane had come through from the Blackbushe runway."

The plane involved was believed to be a Phenom 300 jet with four people onboard.

It was trying to land, shortly after take-off, when it crashed and burst into flames.

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Four people were on jet when it crashed trying to land

Four people were on board the small jet that crashed near the end of Blackbushe Airport runway in Hampshire as it was trying to land this afternoon, an airport spokesman has said.

Blackbushe Airport confirmed that a Phenom 300 Jet with four persons on board crashed near the end of the runway around 3.09pm while attempting to make a landing. The scene was attended by Blackbushe Fire and Rescue within minutes, followed by Hampshire fire, police and ambulance units. Emergency services are currently controlling the scene.

– Blackbushe Airport spokesman
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