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Furious biker blasts pedestrian after knocking him off his feet

A furious biker appeared to berate a pedestrian after knocking him off his feet at a set of traffic lights in South London. CCTV footage shows the man crossing Malden Road in Sutton. He's then suddenly hit by a bike travelling at speed.

The rider, who was knocked off his bike during the collision, is then seen to get up and angrily berate the stricken pedestrian before getting back on his motorcycle and driving off down Cheam Common Road.

As he makes off, a car which was waiting at traffic lights at Malden Road pursues the motorcycle down Cheam Common Road. Officers are also appealing to the occupants of that car to get in contact with officers as they may be able to assist the investigation.

The pedestrian, aged 53, was taken to a south London hospital for treatment to his injuries - has has since been discharged.

– Met Police

Anyone with information can contact Sutton Police on 101.

Motorcyclist knocks down pedestrian and shouts at him while unconscious

Police are hunting for a callous motorcyclist who got off his bike after knocking down a pedestrian and shouted at him while unconscious.

The 53-year-old victim was hit by a bike while crossing a road, knocked out and was lying prostrate when the unknown motorcyclist stopped.

Credit: PA

Witnesses reported to police that the rider got off his bike and yelled at the unconscious pedestrian - before riding off. The shocking incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning near Cheam in Surrey. The pedestrian was taken to a south London hospital, but he is not thought to be in a life-threatening condition.

It would have been obvious to the rider of the motorcycle that the pedestrian he had collided with was seriously injured. To act in the way he did, shouting at the unconscious man and riding off from the scene without attempting to seek medical help, was a truly heartless act.

– Inspector Phil Parrett, Sutton Police


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