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Man who killed policeman 'enjoyed the notoriety'

A man who killed police officer Andy Duncan by running him down as he tried to stop his car, is said to have enjoyed the notoriety the incident had given him.

Gary Bromige Credit: Metropolitan Police

Jonathan Rees QC, for the prosecution, said that Gary Bromige had told a prison officer: "Do you know who I am?

"I'm the one on the news. The one who ran the policeman over.

"I'm probably on the telly all over the world."

Mr Rees said Bromige also kept a collection of newspaper clippings about the crime in his cell.


Politician questions jail sentence of police hit-and-run

London Assembly member Jenny Jones has questioned the sentencing of a man who killed a police officer by running him down as he tried to stop his car.

Gary Bromige, also known as Gary Cody, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.

Man jailed for killing policeman in hit-and-run

A man has been jailed for killing a police officer by running him down as he tried to stop his car, an act he has been "boasting" about in prison.

PC Andrew Duncan Credit: Metropolitan Police

Gary Bromige, also known as Gary Cody, who was today sentenced to eight and a half years at Kingston Crown Court, kept newspaper clippings about the incident in his cell which he showed to fellow inmates.

Bromige was doing a maximum of between 80-88mph in his black Volkswagen Golf along Reigate Avenue in Sutton, south London, in the early hours of September 20 last year when traffic police attempted to stop him.

Pc Andy Duncan stepped out to pull him over, but Bromige hit the father-of-two, throwing him into the air "like a ragdoll" and leaving him with fatal injuries.

The officer, who had been with the Metropolitan Police for 23 years, died in hospital two days later.

We can't keep paying massive litter bill

Wepay £1billion in England each year to clean our streets – and this is a bill wecan’t keep paying.

Itis time everyone realised the scale of the task facing local authorities likeSutton in keeping the places we call home clean and tidy and initiatives likethis are vital if we are to educate people about the impact of their behaviour.

Thequestion we all need to ask ourselves is “When it comes to litter, which sideof the fence are you on?

– Phil Barton, Keep Britain Tidy

Litter costs council £4 million a year

Sutton Council Leader Ruth Dombey with the litter mountain in Sutton High Street Credit: Sutton Council

The pile, over 10ft tall and just as wide in clear plastic bags,demonstrates how much street litter is collected each day at a cost of £4m ayear.

The council says that cost is the equivalent of running a library service for a year; repairing 100,000 potholes; providing 210 residential care places for the elderly; or building half a primary school.


Rapist jailed after using a carwash advert to lure victim

A man who raped a woman after luring her to his address in Sutton with a job advert has been jailed for 17 years. 38-year-old Atanas Miryanov, a Bulgarian national, told his victim to go to a bedsit after responding to an advert to work at a carwash.

38-year-old Atanas Miryanov Credit: Metropolitan Police

As the victim tried to leave Miryanov grabbed her, threw her on to a bed and raped her. In desperation, the women faked an asthma attack. Miryanov responded by raping her again and threatening her with a knife.

Police appeal for missing 15-year-old boy from Sutton

Police in Sutton are appealing for information in tracing a 15-year-old boy who went missing from an address in High Street, Carshalton on Tuesday.

Callum English Credit: Metropolitan Police

Callum English, who has also used the surname Crafton, is likely to be residing in Sutton, police said. He is unlikely to have access to any money or savings.

Anyone with any information please contact police immediately on 101 quoting ref no: 13MIS038127.

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